Leveraging Fun Virtual Events For Today’s Online Consumers

When was the last virtual event your company held? The Visual Data Corporation first used the term “virtual tradeshow” in New York City, according to The Guardian. Today it’s important for companies to learn how to leverage such live events as one of the ways to engage online customers. Let’s take a look at how live-streamed events can achieve that goal.


Leveraging Fun Virtual Events For Today's Online Consumers


Why Is Customer Engagement So Critical?

Today’s companies are always striving to increase customer loyalty and retention. Part of the process involves increasing customer engagement. This can be described as viewing your patrons as “friends” rather than acquaintances. It requires your company to interact closely and often with your customers.


Communication is how you connect with your clients. This can provide your company with customers’ needs and how those needs change daily. Methods such as tradeshows allow companies to help customers meet their goals. If your customers succeed then your company does as well. You can collect data through communication and surveys to improve products and services.


How Can Online Events Improve Customer Engagement?

Virtual events and tradeshows can provide several ways to increase customer engagement. Such online invents allow your company to make a good first impression through methods such as innovative programming.


The virtual format itself can benefit attendees in many ways. It saves them time and money since they can attend the event remotely. This eliminates various costs related to travel, lodging, and food. Such events also provide opportunities to boost sales. This is by collecting strong leads through interaction at a virtual booth, for example, you can tap into gamification to keep your audience engaged and geared toward obtaining better “points” and unique perks. Other things you can do involves receiving customer feedback through methods like surveys. This can provide insights into your customers’ needs, wants, and goals.


More Engagement Through Better Events

Your company can make your next virtual event more engaging through various means. For example, keep the content fresh and exciting to sustain attendees’ short attention span. In addition, give them breaks to take notes, complete surveys, etc.


It’s also important for presenters to be engaging. This will prevent attendees from tuning out and switching off. The presenters should have a sky-high passion for, and knowledge about, the event’s theme. They should also be thrilled about chatting with the virtual audience. There are other ways to make the tradeshow more fun and interactive. Try gamification to add gaming elements to non-gaming situations. Use chats, polls, and Q&A sessions to increase interaction and break the ice. Set up a virtual booth so attendees can interview speakers and panelists.


Virtual events are one of the most effective methods for increasing customer engagement. Exciting speakers, gamification, and virtual sessions are some ways to achieve that goal. It’s all about turning customers into friends.

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