5 Strategies to Keep Your Business Organized and Efficient

Running a business is one of the most difficult ventures that one can embark on. The key to managing a successful business is making sure your workplace is coordinated and productive. There are several ways you can encourage these values within your team. Here are 5 strategies that you can employ in order to run an organized and efficient business.

Employee Scheduling Software Tips & Tricks, 5 Strategies to Keep Your Business Organized and Efficient

Hold Regular Meetings

Communication is key for any business – no matter the industry. Having routine meetings, be it in person or online, will ensure that everyone is on the same page. Regular communication also helps strengthen the relationship between colleagues and can help create a healthy work environment. If your employees are stressed, they will be less productive, so an easy way to avoid this, is by checking up on them.


If your employees feel like you care about their wellbeing, they will feel more inclined to be productive and loyal to the task at hand. It also encourages team building and can be used to increase morale. If employees are receiving feedback on a monthly or weekly basis, they will know how to do their job more efficiently. Setting team goals, which are reviewed regularly, will give your team a sense of structure and help them know what they are working towards.


Keep a Tidy Office

Having a tidy office will do wonders for your productivity levels. A cluttered office often affects your employee’s ability to do their work because they become distracted by the mess. If your office is clean and tidy, staff will be able to find things quickly and save time when conducting tasks. Not only this but having a messy workplace has been linked to increased levels of stress.


You could enforce certain policies that encourage keeping personal workplaces tidy. However, there are also more general things that you can do to make the office a pleasant environment.  Having natural elements in the workplace, like plants, can often relieve fatigue, tensions, anger, and stress. Another way to create a more favorable environment is by hiding the countless amount of cables running through the office. Try to keep things simple, de-cluttered, and stress-free.


Going Digital

Another way to reduce clutter in the office and make your procedures more streamlined is by going digital. Keeping hundreds of documents in their physical form is an outdated practice. Although scanning your existing documents may be time-consuming at first, once it has all been digitalized, the process of creating, sending, and deleting paperwork will be instantaneous.


Not only will you be able to free up an important amount of space in the office, but your documents can be easily accessed by staff from anywhere in the world. Having your documents backed up and on a centralized system can also encourage collaboration on projects. Multiple people will be able to review the same document in a matter of minutes.


Manage Your Time

Time is one of the most valuable resources that your business can draw from. Therefore, ensuring that you are managing your time effectively is of the essence. One of the best ways to do this is with crucial planning and by delegating the workload. Don’t try to do everything at once, this is what teams are for. You will do a much better job focusing on one thing at a time rather than trying to multi-task.


A great tool for organizing and measuring how much time is spent on each project is by using employee time tracking. This automated software makes logging in your hours much easier than with a manual system. Having a faster time entry process encourages productivity whilst also increasing levels of accountability and transparency. You will know who has been working overtime and who has a few extra hours to tend to any outstanding tasks.


Build Teams Wisely

Having smart and capable people within your team is ultimately one of the easiest ways to have an organized and efficient work ethic. You need people that you can trust to get on with the job. When hiring staff, and especially project managers, you should look for people who are self-disciplined, compassionate, and patient.


Once you build your dream team, the rest should follow naturally. You don’t want to be micro-managing every aspect of your business. Everyone in your team should be contributing in one way or another. The foundation of any good team is dependent on who you hire; however, you can boost morale by conducting team-building exercises and encouraging clear communication.

Francis Nwokike

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