Top Entrepreneur and Business Blogs in Nigeria

Business blogging was a “deserted niche” in Nigeria prior to the major economic down-turned that hit the nation and citizens started looking for alternatives to survive, thereby the birth of many business blogs in Nigeria’s online space today.

Some intelligent and business-oriented individuals saw the need to share information and ideas that could help the growing traffic of prospective local entrepreneurs seeking relevant information regarding how to start, manage and sustain any kind of business as well as looking for the next business opportunity and staying updated in the business world.

Before now, most prospective Nigerian bloggers would rather opt for the News, Entertainment, Health, and Fashion niche owing to the fact that those niches are lucrative with hungry visitors ever searching for the latest gist or trend in town. Others seeking how to live a healthy lifestyle. Articles from these niches tend to go more viral as well than from the business niche.

Top Business Blogs in Nigeria

This notwithstanding, certain bloggers have gone against all odds to succeed in this niche, through the provision of the latest business news in Nigeria and beyond, sharing of entrepreneurial ideas through their articles that are of immense value and capable of changing lives.

Through some of these blogs, businesses both online and offline gathered enough information to start, nurture and grow their enterprise

Today, I will be sharing with you The Total Entrepreneurs’ list of top 10 business blogs in Nigeria where you can source articles related to business, finance, personal development, stock market, and entrepreneurship.

The Total Entrepreneurs is in this category and can boast of lots of life-changing entrepreneurship articles and how-tos but we excluded it from the top business blogs list as we should not be blowing our trumpet.

Our team chose these top business blogs in Nigeria after putting into consideration the following;

  1. Quality of Contents
  2. Ranking (traffic)
  3. Authority

I want to also assure you that this list is purely on merit and no business blogger lobbied to make this list.

So without wasting much of your time, find below the 12 top business blogs in Nigeria;

List of Top 12 Entrepreneur and Business Blogs in Nigeria


About the Top Business Blogs in Nigeria

1. Wealth Result

Wealth Result is my number one business blog in Nigeria. Managed by Darlington Omeh.  This business blog is a resource page for newbies and entrepreneurs seeking various ways to start any business in Nigeria. Since I discovered this business blog, I have been reading most of the articles shared by Darlington and his team of business experts and I must confess, I have never been disappointed. I have also watched the blog gradually metamorphose into a business forum where business ideas are shared and questions related to businesses are treated. If you are starting out any business in Nigeria and seeking a “How to guide”, Wealth Result is definitely a place to look.

2. Profitable Venture

Profitable Venture (Formerly My Top Business Ideas) is a business blog specifically built for business idea seekers. The blog prides itself as an online resource for top profitable business ideas for beginners and professionals with in-depth feasibility reports and business investment analysis. The blog provides business ideas for creative entrepreneurs and beginners.

3. StartupBack (Formerly Practical Business Ideas)

If you are looking for a franchise resource page, how to develop a well-structured business plan, or just seeking a new business idea, you should visit Practical Business Ideas. This business site will provide you with the cost of getting into a franchise partnership with top businesses and bringing those top names to the Nigerian market like cold stone creamery, GymGuyz Fitness, Choice Hotels, etc. The business blog also pre-developed small business plans for various categories of businesses.

4. Startup Tips Daily

Startups Tips Daily is another business blog that was created by Stan Edom with the sole purpose of providing African Entrepreneurs with small business ideas, business plans, and tips to start, run and grow their own businesses. Stan through his blog shares great tips for beginners and professionals.

5. Nairametrics

Nairametrics is one of Nigeria’s leading financial resource blogs. They provide you with up-to-date business, investing, and financial information from Africa’s largest economy. They also have a consulting arm that provides bespoke financial management services to clients. So if you seek business news, investment guides, personal finance, financial management, data analysis, and so on, then you should visit Nairametrics. I also get up-to-date dividend and bonus releases from companies quoted on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE).

Many lives has changed just because they visited a business blog, you should visit one today. – Francis Nwokike

6. Utibe Etim

Utibe Etim is actually his name and is his business blog, authority right? Etim is a respected figure in the web development field. He is one of the pioneer awardees of Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria YouWIN! Through his business blog, he shares entrepreneurial-related information such as grant opportunities for startups, and business opportunities, and offers business plan services. Did I forget to mention that Etim is a front-end and back-end developer, with particular emphasis on PHP, MYSQL, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript?

7. Entrepreneurship Secret

The Secret of Entrepreneurship discusses everything entrepreneurship. The main aim of this blog is to engender an individual’s potential to initiate personal, community and business ventures. Reading this business blog will spur you into delving into business with the mindset to conquer.

8. Entrepreneur Business Blog

Entrepreneur Business Blog is an online resource center with requisite information and tools that educate entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to start, grow, and manage their businesses using digital marketing strategies. EEB has a team of brilliant, enthusiastic, and well-informed entrepreneurs. The business blog is headed by Emmanuel Emenike, a young man I admire a lot. He is well articulated, focused, and has fast-growing social followers who trust him.

9. is a one-stop destination for entrepreneurs in Nigeria.  The blog offers business insights and entrepreneurial guides on building and running successful business enterprises in Nigeria. You will find the best insights in areas of Entrepreneurship, Career, Personal Development, Freelancing, and Digital Trends with some spices of a happy Lifestyle. If you’re an entrepreneur seeking experts’ knowledge on how to grow or run your business is definitely the business blog to check out.

10. Entrepreneur Platform

Entrepreneur Platform is a business and entrepreneurship blog focused on helping old and new entrepreneurs build a better and sustainable business of any type. In this business-resource are tons of articles on entrepreneurship, videos, and podcasts. You could also find the profile of top entrepreneurs in Nigeria on the blog. I see this blog as the Nigerian version of, the American-based business resource blog/magazine.

11. SME Digest

SME Digest is a pretty young business resource blog loaded with great business-related articles. The blog is a good source for business news and how-to articles to help young prospective entrepreneurs grow their ventures as well as old entrepreneurs to stay on top of their game. This small and medium business blog is filled with articles on how to start and grow your business, and inform you of the latest SME grants.

12. Business Day

Business Day (formerly Business Daily Online) is the online version of Nigeria’s foremost business newspaper, Business Day. You get up-to-date business news and government policies in relation to business as well as company performance. To access this site, you must be a paid subscriber else you buy the newspaper from vendors.

This is just about our list of top entrepreneurship blogs in Nigeria. If you have any thoughts or feel we missed any great business blog, do inform us using the comment box below.


Daily visiting of the above-listed business blogs in Nigeria can positively change how you run your business and help you stay in trend with the latest business tricks and new marketing strategies.


Updated: September 2022

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Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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