How to Make Money Online with UpWork (Formerly oDesk)

Do you want to learn how to make money online with UpWork (Formerly oDesk)?

Then visiting this blog today will solve that problem for you as The Total Entrepreneur is set to give you the most comprehensive information on what Upwork (Formerly oDesk)is, how to make money online with Upwork, how to apply for works online with Upwork, how to write a complete profile that will attract employers, how to find jobs at Upwork, how to prepare for an interview online at Upwork, how to write an excellent cover letter, how to receive payments with Upwork, and generally how to succeed with Upwork.

How to Make Money Online with UpWork (Formerly oDesk)

Before I begin these step-by-step How-TOs of Upwork, I will like you to understand what Upwork is and how it works.

What Is Upwork?

Upwork is the world’s largest online job marketplace where employers (over 1 million companies) find and hire freelancers (Contractors as called in Upwork) online. Upwork is based in Redwood city, CA and was founded by Odysseas Tsatabs and Stratis Karamanlakis; both are Greek entrepreneurs.

Upwork created a platform that made it very easy for freelancers to promote their skills online thereby giving them access to a global employment market.

Upwork are so advanced in the online workplace; they have tools created to access, hire, manage and pay their contractors (ie you and I and any other entrepreneur that choose to work with Upwork from home). Another good thing about Upwork is that you can choose when to work and how you want to be paid, either hourly or to work at a fixed price.

Upwork has a proprietary tool that enable employers manage their teams online. The Upwork proprietary software called Upwork Team enable employers manage contractors individually or in a team while also enabling the contractors online to easily document and prove performance.

The Upwork software id provided by the company at no cost and should be installed on the computer of all members. It is easy to install. Contractors are expected to always turn the oDesk Team on while working online as only the work tracked by the software will be qualified for payment except if otherwise agreed by the two parties.

Upwork Team works online but has offline mode that work up to 2 hours in case of internet failure. You must always put on the software while working.

Starting Up With Upwork (SUMMARY)

  1. Create an Upwork account
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Read the Upwork readiness guidelines
  4. Answer am 11-item Upwork readiness test
  5. Take the spelling test and vocabulary test
  6. Find a good work on Upwork

Have a Crisp, Clear Profile

  1. Upload a professional picture of your smiling face
  2. Introduce yourself and what you have to offer
  3. Set your rate (I advise you set a competitive rate as a beginner and build your Upwork profile)
  4. Take and pass a few Upwork skill tests
  5. Post your portfolio
  6. Check for errors

Find the Right Job

Before you choose a job in Upwork, ask yourself these questions;

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