Review Gone Wrong – Errors Made in Rating and Solution

Hello beautiful people and hard working individuals thriving to provide solution to human needs (entrepreneurs), I greet you all and I want to say, NEVER GIVE UP.

I am compelled to write this short piece to correct an anomaly that is becoming very rampant online.

Some of you that own businesses online or even pages on Facebook may understand me better.

In today’s business dealings, promotion and marketing, reviews play a huge role in capturing new customers. And every one satisfied customer most likely means your business will keep being in existence.

Reviews are seen as an honest expression by a particular product user or visitor and most of the times, business owners do not have the capability to alter user ratings or feedback.

Via a review, it is expected that a customer or user shares there experience and will recommend your product or not.

Reviews also help a business to ascertain how the customer feels about their product, what they’re doing well or what they need to improve on.

This way, a company gets better overtime taking into cognizance the customer’s feedback.

The competition in doing business today is something else, every business want to be seen as the best, they go the extra miles, spend more just to be on top.

Now tell me, how will you feel if I use your product or service and I was so excited about the service that I took time out of my tight schedule to write a lovely review about your service and at the end click one star instead of a well deserved five star at least considering the beautiful feedback I gave of your product or service?

Sad right?

This is exactly what some business owners and page managers face.

See Example image below;

review gone wrong

Review Gone Wrong (Photo: Facebook)

So I beg to ask, is it that some of the online users tend not to understand the rating system or they’re just being careless?

Whatever might be the case; this is very bad for business owners.

It is also bad for people like me that value good ratings generally and have taken decision based on total rating of a business which might not actually be a true reflection of a product or service is in offering.

It was proved in 2017 that 84 percent of people trust online review as much as friends.

I am therefore suggesting these solutions to this anomaly on review gone wrong;

  1. That online businesses / page owners find a way to educate their customers / users on how the review system works. Some businesses I will not mention here do it (nobody is paying me for promotion). All they do is ask you for feedback and explain to you that 1 star is the least (bad), 3 stars is average and 5 star the best (excellent).
  2. Some reviewers actually understand the system but are just careless when choosing a rating which might not reflect their feedback. So, this is for the reviewers to please be careful when they choose their rating and be sure it reflects the feedback they’re giving.

Also, it is worthy of note that business owners who take their online review serious take their time to appreciate every feedback received, so they can go a step further to encourage the customer/reviewer to correct their ratings only when it does not depict the feedback they gave.

May our struggle to survive not be killed by another man’s carelessness.

To your success.

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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