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  1. Afoke says:

    I just open a PayPal account in Nigeria…….. About to connect my first bank master card.
    I’m expecting money into my account……. Were will the money be, wen it is sent

  2. Prince says:

    Pls my brother which of nigerian atm card is accepted in paypal open account

    • Hi Prince, if you’re talking about opening a Nigerian PayPal account, almost all the banks debit card are accepted.

      But if you’re looking at opening a PayPal account that can send and receive fund, then you have to buy our PayPal guide to get that information. You can contact us using the contact button for details on how to get it and price.


  3. ayodeji says:

    l use my uba visa card to verify my paypal account,over 4day now,but l have’nt receive the code message from uba to confirm my paypal verify.thank.

    • You may not get a response as the Card linked to PayPal is not just the ordinary UBA Visa card except you want to open a Nigeria PayPal account which is limited to making payment only.

  4. Jide says:

    I am finding it hard to confirm my card since Thursday. I got the debit alert twice on thursday but the paypal code wasn’t among. What could be the problem?

  5. omojola ayo says:

    doing online business can l receive money to my paypal wallet and to withdraw from my paypal wallet to my nigeria bank account.

    • Hello Ayo, yes, you can now open a PayPal account that can send and receive money and also withdraw your earnings from Nigeria ATM. We are currently selling this information. If you’re interested and will like to see proof, kindly contact us via the Contact us button above. Cheers

  6. darose says:

    Thanks for sharing man.

  7. Frank says:

    After the process if I try to register I will see security challenge. What is the reason?

    • Hello Frank, sorry to hear about this. To help you out, I need to get some things cleared.
      1. Did you follow our steps on opening a PayPal account in Nigeria as stated in the article?
      2. The email you tried using to open the account, have you previously used it in opening any PayPal account in the past?
      3. Which bank ATM are you linking to the account?
      4. Do you have some funds in the account linked to the card for verification by PayPal?

      Please answer these questions and maybe we can see where the issue is from.

  8. Edward says:

    Good day, I have been having issues with my PayPal account, I can’t link up my debit /credit card

  9. Tony says:

    Can merchants or individuals in the same region receive payment via PayPal?.e.g both parties in Nigeria.

    • Hi Tony, for now, PayPal usage is limited in countries like Nigeria. You can only make payments with PayPal. You can also associate your PayPal account with your bank account so that you don’t need to give out your bank or card details to other third parties. We hope this limitations be lifted soon.

      All the best.

  10. Auction Essistance says:

    We currently have clients based in Nigeria that we set up accounts for. Right now they are having a tough time getting money out since they have such limited options after PayPal banned Payoneer.

    • So what’s the solution to this problem?

      I think Nigeria is ripe to own a world class payment solution void of irregularities and fraud like PayPal. Nigeria bussinesses has been limited in a lot of ways.

      • Nuzzo says:

        It is hard to say on that. I am from Nigeria, but am using a Paypal account based in USA. The biggest issue I face is trying to get that money out directly to bank. Right now I am doing currency exchanges to get money out, but there is just to much fees once I get it in final form.

        • Are you a Nigerian based in USA or are you in Nigeria and operating PayPal as is obtained in the USA?

          Have my reasons of asking.

          Meanwhile, there are platforms/companies that help online entrepreneurs withdraw from PayPal account as Nigerians are still limited to making payment only with PayPal.

          Just make enquiry about Online Naira.

          Thanks for your contribution.

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