New Glo Data Plans 2021 – N1000 for 2GB, N500 for 1GB and 4G Enabled MiFi

Globacom Nigeria has announced a new data bundle offers for her subscribers and also giving out the Glo MiFi mini router, with 16 gigabytes of free data for just N16, 000. With this, the MiFi is as good as being given out free of charge. The new Glo data plans are enticing.

According to a press statement released by the telecommunication company who also prides herself as the grandmasters of data in Nigeria, Globacom stated that the 4G Glo MiFi will give to the subscriber 16GB of data free of charge, spread over 12 months.

The high-speed internet service for Glo 4G MiFi is backed up by Glo 1 submarine optical fiber cable. The 4G MiFi can connect up to 15 devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and the like, all at once. The Glo MiFi also adapts itself to offices and events venues, being able to beam the Glo 4G wireless internet signals over a wide expanse of space.

For the new data rates, in addition to the base data bundle, which is already above market standards for every amount subscribed, all subscribers will also have an extra 25% as bonus for those who renew their data plans before expiration.

New Glo Data Plans 2021 includes;

N100 – 100MB

N200 – 262MB

N500 – 1GB

N1, 000 – 2GB

N2, 000 – 4.5GB

N2, 500 – 7.2GB

N3, 000 – 8.7GB

N4, 000 – 12.5GB

N5, 000 – 15.2GB

N10, 000 – 32.5GB

N20, 000 – 78.5GB

glo n1000 for 2gb

Also, In addition to the unmatched data volumes, the data plans by Glo are the most comprehensive in the industry as all categories of subscribers have a wide category of plans to choose from, ranging from N25 to N20, 000 data bundle.

Glo Nigeria offers the most lucrative data plans thereby still maintaining a superb advantage to its prospective and existing subscribers on both 3G and 4G.

Though many users in time pass have complained of the slow nature of the data speed, which industry experts attribute to a large number of users causing lagging in data speed, as prior to now, Glo was offering mouth-watering, never heard of in Nigeria data rates giving her subscribers 2GB for N500 instead of 1GB, 4GB for N1, 000 instead of the Glo N1000 for 2GB and 7.5GB for N2, 000 instead of 4.5GB. Hopefully, maybe the cut in data amount could help to reduce the number of active users per time and as such increase data speed.

How to Subscribe for Glo Data Bundles in 2021

Subscribing for Glo Data Bundle is as easy as dialing a simple ussd code (*777#) on your mobile device and you will get a prompt message asking you to choose the type of data bundle you wish to subscribe for. You can also use the code to gift free data to your family and friends, borrow data or credits from Glo, view voice data combo from Glo, view international call offers etc.

How to Check Glo Data Balance

You can also use the short ussd code (*777#) to check your Glo Data Balance. Another short cut for checking data balance is dialing (*127*0#) on your mobile device.

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