From Broke to 6 Figures with Personal Branding

Personal brandingIf you are not making 6 figures monthly as an entrepreneur, and you are not still doing this one thing, then you may either never smell 6 figures all through your life as an entrepreneur, or you may hit that mark only once in your lifetime.

But, as they will always say, “heaven helps those who help themselves”. You want to find out what this one thing is?


Let me share with you my story.

My entrepreneurial journey started as a freelance writer while at the same time working as a Mathematics teacher in a private school opposite my street. I was someone who you will refer to as a struggling freelance writer because I was barely making N10,000 a month from freelance writing.

I had no blog, no portfolio, no social media presence. In fact, I had no laptop. The only tool I had was passion to write and a Tecno S3 Android phone. This was what I was using to type articles after writing them on a notebook.

It is so stressful but I had no choice. I must make money as far as it is legit.

I tried freelancing sites like Fiverr and Gigbucks, but no positive result. So, I decided I wasn’t going to follow that route. I started following successful freelance writers like Oni Bamidele, Carol Tice and others. I was reading their blog posts including their rag to riches stories.

After continuously following these people, and have consumed a lot of their content, I discovered there was one thing they were all doing. And this one thing was the key (not secret, because it wasn’t) to their success of landing high paying clients.

Without wasting time, I crafted my own strategy in executing this one thing and see how it will work out for me. At least, I have read it many times in self development books that, ‘the quickest way to success is to find who has done what you want to do and do the same thing the person did to get the same result as the person’.

To cut the story short, it only took me 3 months to hit my first 6 figure as a freelance writer. This one thing worked for me and landed me 4 high paying recurring clients and 2 international recurring clients.

It was in the third month that I bought a laptop, a new phone and launched my blog. In the fourth month, I created my own team of writers as I couldn’t handle the number of gigs that was coming.

After a year, I quit my job and founded my business, Weebo Media (registered with CAC) with a team of 5 writers and I have never looked back since then.

Fortunately, this same one thing I am about to reveal to you is not just for freelance writers only. Entrepreneurs like authors, freelancers, digital marketers and any success driven individual who want to make money online can get hold of this marketing strategy and profit from it.

So, what is this one thing?

The one thing is called Personal branding

This was what took me from broke to 6 Figures in just 3 months as a freelance writer in Nigeria. And this is one key to success in any business venture. I call it the fastest and easy link to wealth creation and happiness.

So, what is personal branding?

In simpler terms, personal branding is the way you display your unique talents and personality to attract your target audience. With personal branding, you are simply selling YOU.

This was what these successful freelance writers I was following were doing. They were using their personal brand to sell their services to clients and also their product to their followers.

Personal Branding is a must for any entrepreneur.

But hear this. You have a personal brand, we all do, and you have been sharing it with everyone you have ever come in contact with.

Now, the question is, ‘how have you been selling yourself?’

As a freelancer, have you been selling yourself cheap or expensive?

As a coach or digital marketer, have you been selling yourself as someone who just know the subject or as an expert in what you are in?

If you are struggling with making money from selling your service or product, it is because you have not built a good personal brand. Period!

Aside my freelance writing business, I have used personal branding as an information marketer to sell digital products that raked in hundreds of thousands for me just within a short time of promoting each of the products.

How to build personal brand

How to Build a Personal Brand

Now, how do you build a personal brand as a newbie, an author, a freelance writer or a digital entrepreneur?

If you build your personal brand strong enough, you will never have to worry about money again. You will never need another business or anything like that. Everything will be centered around value coming from you.

A personal brand is simple to start. But the challenge is being consistent and patient. It may take longer than you expect. It honestly depends on the time and effort you put in to give valuable content and distribute them smartly.

Age doesn’t matter. As long as you are providing value, you will surely reap the fruit of your labour.

One thing I have seen among struggling entrepreneurs is that they hardly brand themselves. They just come out of the blue and start selling their products and services. Common, people don’t make 6 figures that way.

There is an easy way, and that is where personal branding comes in. Scroll up, click the link and go check out the content there. You will be glad you did!


Okon Joseph is one of Nigeria’s highly paid SEO freelance writer and personal branding expert. He is on the mission to helping entrepreneurs and success driven individuals start and grow their personal brands to create a 6 figure business for themselves.¬†

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