The Basics To Starting Your Own Moving And Trash Removal Business

Sometimes the less glamorous a business is, the easier it is to make money at it. That’s not to say that it’s easy work, but that there is a lot less competition. Take movers and trash removal services as an example.

It’s back-breaking work so not many people want to offer that kind of service. If you are not afraid of hard work and love to make money then this is the ideal business for you to get started.

Overhead is low once you get going and the work just keeps coming so you are always flush with cash. All you need to worry about for monthly expenses is your marketing, insurance, and dumping fees plus a few others.

In this article, I will go over the best yet simple ways to go about doing the moving and trash removal business so you can end up successful and able to grow a business.

The Basics To Starting Your Own Moving And Trash Removal Business

Know your gear

Before you get started, you have to understand exactly what you are going to need for equipment. The most obvious place to start is with your truck. You can get away with a pick-up to start, but a box truck or adding a dump trailer to your truck is the way to go.

Then you have to have the right gear for the actual hauling. For instance, if you are doing moving of furniture and other stuff that needs to get to its destination in good shape then it should fit the job. Blankets to avoid scratching furniture is a must as are tie-downs.

You should have cam buckle straps, they are good for fragile items that need a light touch. Ratchet tie-downs are for more sturdy items that need to be secured tightly.

Get insured

The worst thing that can happen to any business is an accident when you don’t have the proper insurance. This can actually bankrupt your business.

You’ll need to have two different types of insurance for your moving and trash removal business. Your vehicles will need to have the right insurance to be on the road. Look into your specific state regarding whether or not you’ll need to have your vehicle registered as commercial and how that impacts your insurance.

In addition, you’ll need to have indemnity insurance as there could be damage to the property through negligence. And in that case, this insurance policy will help you get paid for the damage. Also, if your workers get injured on the job then you will be covered.

Get the word out

When you run your own small business, then you have to become a marketing agency at the same time. This means that you have to learn the best ways to market your business to drum up customers. Sometimes word of mouth is enough, but the best way to go is to use all the best channels in marketing to make sure people know you’re there.

Start with social media and have a good presence there. Also, make sure to have business cards and even a decal on your car with all the information somebody would need. This includes phone number and your Facebook page. Use a QR code that people can scan to make it easier.

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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