Vebbler: A Common Social, Academic and Professional Life

Hey guys, today I will not be showing you how to be a better entrepreneur or how to start up a new business/company. Instead, I will be sharing with you a new social site I bumped into a few days ago. I am bringing this to you because I believe it might be the next big thing in social networking.

There are lots of social websites these days and all of them are doing well in their separate categories.

Yesterday, it was Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc, today some Indians have come out with what I think will be the next LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, academia, and Pinterest in one package called Vebbler.



Vebbler is a social media site that helps you connect and share online in a way that resembles real-world relationships, by creating different layers of your social, academic, and professional life on one network itself, and segmenting them in a way where one aspect of your life does not spill into another. Vebbler is the best way to connect with a variety of relationships without having to manage multiple social, interest, and professional networks.

Vebbler has a separate space for friends, family, workmates, and other relationships on one network itself, without one aspect of your life spilling into another.

With Vebbler, you can create “clubs” like groups on Facebook but in this case, you do not have to worry about colleagues or parents accessing what you share with your friends.

The UI and features look great and I definitely think that you should give it a try at

One thing again I love about Vebbler is the interface, it is just simply cool. Vebbler is a social media platform that could challenge already existing ones.

I think Vebbler is more of a personal social network than the normal social networks out there.

Indian Fusion said it’s the next big thing in social media. So if you are a lover of social networking, TheTotalEntrepreneurs recommend you check Vebbler out and get back to us on your findings by commenting below.

Vebbler is already present in 103+ countries across the world so you can share with your loved ones wherever they may be and be in touch with them.

Francis Nwokike

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