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The 11th edition of annual brands report of the Top 100 Most Valuable Brands 2016 by Millward Brown, a global research agency is out. The agency evaluates brands from a combination of research on consumers and brand financial analysis. The research covers more than 10,000 brands and millions of consumers in over 30 countries.

Below are the Details of the Top 10 Most Valuable Brands in The World 2016 according to the list

1. Google

On top of the list is Google which was ranked under Technology category with a brand value of $229,198M. Google moved a place up to claim the MOST VALUABLE BRAND ON EARTH.

2. Apple

The number 1 brand on last year’s ranking is down to the 2nd spot. The 2016 brand value of the company is $228,460M. Apple is under Technology category and is now second in the top most valuable brands.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft is the 3rd most valuable brand with an increase in brand value at $121,824M from $115,500M according to 2015 report. It is also under the technology category.

4. AT & T

On the 4th position in the list is the American Telecom Giant with a brand value of $107,387M. The American company climbed tw0 places from the previous year. It is under the telecom category.

5. Facebook

Moving 7 places from 12th posistion by 2015 to 5th position in 2016 is the social media giant, Facebook. The brand is valued at $102,551M and is categorized under the telecom category.


Next on the list is a credit/debit card issuing company VISA. The brand was listed on the credit card category with a brand value of $100,800M and a strong positive change against last year’s report that valued the company at $91,962M.

7. Amazon

Number 7 on the list is Amazon and is the top retail brand worth $98,988M. Amazon jump seven places to make it into the top 10 from fourteen last year. The brand is under retail category.

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  1. prajwol says:

    Good brand means good product or good services. Nowadays there are many competitor in the world for brand. It takes a lot of time, money and very hard work to build and maintain great brands.

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