Top 5 Ways to Monetize your Blog Using Affiliate Marketing

Top 5 Ways to Monetize your Blog Using Affiliate Marketing

While growing my entrepreneurship blog, I sort many ways to generate revenue, trying different ad exchange networks, accepting sponsored posts, affiliate marketing as well as promoting startups/businesses through banner placements.

All the above mentioned methods and more are different ways to monetize your blog but what works for a news site may not work for a health based blog.

Understanding how best to optimize your blog for maximum monetization is key to a successful blogging career.

In my few years of blogging, I found out that affiliate marketing could be a silent but great source of revenue generation.

To know more about affiliate marketing, read this article.

But on an introductory note, what is expected of you as affiliate marketer? It’s simple; to promote products or services on your blog or to recommend anything that your audience could be looking for and you are paid an agreed percentage when your audience purchase an item, visit a site, use the service of a client or sign up for a course online.

Affiliate marketing when done properly could generate recurring revenues for any blogger. Read the story of Pascal, a tech blogger and the first to make One million Naira from Konga Affiliate alone.

Today, I will be sharing my top 5 ways to monetize your blog using affiliate marketing, these methods has worked for me.

Another good thing about affiliate marketing is that your audience will appreciate you even the more when you recommend solution that works for them or capable of solving their immediate needs.

Top 5 Ways to Monetize your Blog Using Affiliate Marketing

  1. Create high value contents.
  2. Promote Products within your niche.
  3. Always update your contents with more relevant materials.
  4. Promote “only” quality products.
  5. Be Mobile friendly.


  1. Create High Value Contents

Before your audience can purchase what you recommend, they would have some level of trust for your person or brand. This trust can only be earned through your contents. Be mindful that most of your readers are not personally known to you. Large portion of your readers got to know about you or your blog through search engine recommendations or one of your shared post on social media. If your content did not positively impact them, they will rarely trust your recommendation

When you impact the live of your readers with great contents, they can buy anything you recommend once they are convinced they will find solution or garner more knowledge when they take action.

When you create a great content and recommend a product in relation to the topic, chances are that some readers will take action.

  1. Promote Products within your Niche

If you run a health based blog, chances are your visitors are hungry for solutions in relation to their health and will most likely check out solutions (affiliate promotions) related to health than links related to latest phone or car hire service on your blog. Therefore, there is need for every blogger to understand who their audience are and what best to recommend to them.

For bloggers in the tech or phone review niche, ofcourse, living an affiliate link to a store where visitors can purchase the phone or gadget directly could earn you great revenue.

  1. Always Update your Contents with more Relevant Materials

There are old contents in you blog that still generate thousands of traffic daily. You should leverage on the power of affiliate marketing to monetize such contents and also keep the contents relevant. In my article on how to start a money making blog, I shared an easy to understand methods to buy domain and host a blog. I try to update the domain and hosting companies I recommend to my readers to the best and most affordable companies. That has been making some few bucks for me while they also thank me for suggesting those companies in return.

I also wrote a piece on how to exchange Bitcoin to any altcoin when I found some of my audience seeking an easy way to change their alts. I sort for the best solution and offered it to them, they loved the tool and I am smiling to the bank for just recommending good solution.

Try as much as possible to update your contents to the latest trends and research better solutions than what you previously recommend to your readers. Inform them on this better option and give them reasons why they should change to the new product. By doing so, not only are you keeping them updated, they also feel you care for them, thereby increasing your trust level.

  1. Promote “only” Quality Products

The quality of service you recommend to your readers matters a great deal. If they are disappointed with any product you recommend, they might not trust your future recommendations. Therefore, you should consider testing any product you are referring to your readers and when you might not be able to do so, consider studying carefully reviews from the marketer’s previous customers.

  1. Be Mobile friendly

This may sound awkward but there are blogs that are yet not mobile friendly. These blogs are losing great traffic as statistics has it that over 56% of online users are on the mobile platform. It is therefore pertinent that you optimize your blog for mobile visitors thereby increasing your chances of conversion.


Note that to make more money from your online platform using affiliate marketing, targeted traffic is key. Once your audience are largely from a particular niche seeking solutions, chances are they will purchase products or solutions you recommend.

If you have any good or bad experience with affiliate marketing, please kindly share your thoughts on the comment section.

You can type “affiliate marketing” on the search box on this blog to get more articles on Affiliate Marketing.

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