Workplace Panic Alarms? How To Make The Most Out Of them

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees feel safe on the job. This is particularly important for those classed as lone workers. These can include nurses or housekeepers, and also hotel workers, and other hospital staff. Some offices have even begun to apply some safety measures at the workplace to improve worker’s safety. Some of these safety measures include safety training for personnel, the use of personal protective equipment, and the use of workplace panic alarms in case of emergency. However, the panic alarm system can be expensive and as such you want to make sure that you get the right one for you. This article will help you make sure that you know exactly what to look for in a panic alarm.

Workplace Panic Alarms

Locating the problem

For a panic system to work effectively, it must be able to determine the location of the person or business in distress. This can be done in multiple ways. Basic panic alarms don’t identify an employee’s exact location before sending the alarm. They set aside a vague indicator and allow a response team to figure out where the distress is. This can be used in scenarios where there are a limited number of staff who work in specific areas.

More advanced systems use wireless technology similar to those found in your phone. Some can utilise Bluetooth in order to send and receive signals. Though this can come with its own challenges. Bluetooth systems can floor hop or room bounce making the signal harder to track. If you have a business that utilises a lot of interfering Bluetooth technology, then this is something to be careful of.

GPS is perhaps one of the most efficient and best-used systems as they utilise the satellites that are used by your phone. They can also be combined with Wi-Fi signals so that you can combat the downside that GPS cannot penetrate large walls or floors. Combining the two of these technologies means that this alarm system is one of the more widely chosen ones for panic systems.

Benefits of a panic button

Having a panic alarm can help your business in multiple ways. Once you have decided on what type of alarm you would like and how you would like it to work. It is worth considering if a panic alarm is good for you and your business.

One benefit of having a workplace panic alarm is that it reduces the liability and risk to your business. Having a panic button helps the first responders reach the person faster which can often de-escalate situations. This may also reduce the severity of the harm. Reducing the injury rate can lower the cost of your payouts.

It can also alert fellow employees of a situation. This is particularly useful for hospitals and care homes or even hotels. Employees can wear receivers so that they can respond to an emergency much quicker than without them. This can reduce the damage of situations and ensure that everyone remains safe and secure.

Panic alarms in the workplace

These can be extremely useful devices in any workplace. Alarms will not only make your employees feel safer as well as reducing any injury claims you will face in the future.

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