Review – Buy and Sell Products with Bitcoin

As the leading cryptocurrency escrow, marketplace, and exchange platform in the United States, has become a standard for purchasing luxury goods. CryptoExchange now offers a variety of products, including premium and standard domains, luxury vehicles, and homes. The exchange is also a fully regulated and licensed exchange, with a growing number of coins available to trade. Review - Buy and Sell Products with Bitcoin

Company overview

  • Official website:
  • Available cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP.
  • Customer support: Phone and email
  • Features: Cryptocurrency escrow service, exchange, and marketplace


Purchasing experience

Buying and selling on CryptoExchange is an easy process that even a beginner can do. The platform does not yet have a mobile app or downloadable trading platform but has a website that users can easily interact with on any mobile device like smartphones or tablets.


When you first arrive on the website, you are greeted with the exchange feature of the website and an email to sign up for your account. Signing up is a quick process that only requires a username, password, and email address. After signing up, users can fund their accounts with a debit or credit card. With funds added to your account, users can buy crypto by entering a dollar value and placing a market order for any cryptocurrency the platform has available.



Unlike the larger exchanges, CryptoExchange is very transparent about its fees, which are on par and at times cheaper than its competitors. Users pay only 0.1% on every market trade and have an added benefit of a 0.01% rebate on all LP orders.



CryptoExchange provides added levels of security compared to other leading exchanges, making it a great option for beginner traders.


However, creators invented cryptocurrency to remove intermediaries so users would be in control of their funds. Therefore, users must learn about proper cryptocurrency security and storage and how to use the platform. If purchases occur at a future date, investors are encouraged to use CryptoExchange to buy the cryptocurrency and withdraw their assets to their own secure cold storage methods.


Key takeaways

  • CryptoExchange offers premium escrow services for luxury items.
  • The platform features a growing list of 4 cryptocurrencies.
  • The interface is easy to use for beginners.
  • The convenience of offering multiple services adds to the efficiency of the purchasing process.


Marketplace experience

CryptoExchange also acts as a marketplace for luxury items and domains.


Customer experience

The majority of users are happy with the services provided by CryptoExchange. Users have noted few issues since professional escrow services manage the transaction.


The main issue with transacting through cryptocurrency is that the user cannot reverse their transaction due to the nature of the blockchain. Therefore, there is little the platform can do without using escrow services if you run into problems.


CryptoExchange’s customer service team is responsive and can answer any questions that might arise, including issues with the platform.


Product search features

With four main product categories, the website easily sorts products in the top navigation bar. One of these categories is exotic cars which, if selected, presents a search feature that allows visitors to filter products by price or by brand. This simple user experience feature removes the endless scrolling that can make locating a product difficult.


Product availability

Currently, there are products available across four categories, with the platform adding new items every day.


Escrow review

Their cryptocurrency escrow service is set up like other platforms to collect, hold and distribute funds in a buyer and seller engagement. The platform provides a relatively straightforward service using steps that visitors will find are standard across escrow providers. They are:


  1. Account creation – Transacting parties will create an account on and agree to the platform’s terms. The buyer or seller may initiate the escrow process.
  2. Buyer issues payment – The buyer sends funds to the certified escrow agent, and they verify the buyer’s funds are legitimate.
  3. Seller sends product – The seller sends the item to the buyer, and the buyer informs CryptoExchange they have received the product.
  4. Buyer inspects item – The exchange allows the buyer a set number of days to review the product and decide if they will accept or reject it.
  5. Escrow releases money – When the buyer accepts, the escrow will release funds to the seller.
  6. Completion – Escrow providers will release funds to the seller, and CryptoExchange marks the transaction as complete.


These steps are standard across services, so we can safely say CryptoExchange meets the expectation set around this service. A helpful feature is the steps carefully outlined as a guide on the CryptoExchange for new users to follow, making it an ideal setup for beginners.


Escrow fees

Since the fees will vary, the best way to estimate the cost is using CryptoExchange’s fee calculator. Fees will be listed in US dollars and will differ depending on the item and transaction value.


Staff capabilities

Another important feature to identify is that CryptoExchange provides professional escrow officers rather than an automated system. Customers, this means real humans monitor transactions for fraudulent behavior and ensure you know exactly what is occurring in your transaction.


The verdict

CryptoExchange is an ideal tool for new and advanced crypto investors looking to add funds, purchase luxury items and continue transacting within the cryptocurrency community. These three major offerings add efficiency and security to an irreversible buying process.

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