How to Combine Paid Job and Personal Business

It is often advised; if one must consider venturing into Entrepreneurship, one should quit his/her paid job. This is so the prospective entrepreneurs would fully commit to and concentrate in launching their personal business.

Ideally, over a period of years, you have worked and saved up money enough to venture into your own business but could this be so feasible for all entrepreneurs who want to break even?

How to Combine a Full-Time Paid Job and Personal Business


I think the answer is “NO”. This is because of some factors that might be surrounding us individually and how well we can manage our time and resources.

Entrepreneurship is very risky. Considering a man who has a family to take care of, or you are servicing a loan either student loan or mortgage with your salary, how can you survive? You do not have to lay your eggs in one basket. Many entrepreneurial advisers and mentors will ask you to quit your job, if you found yourself in such situation, who would be putting food in your table or service your loans?

The good thing is that, you can actually be an entrepreneur while keeping your full time job (8 – 5). Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you they had other commitments when starting their businesses. I for one is a paid worker, on-field most of the times, yet have successfully started few small businesses that I manage and also coin out little time to write for my blog, write business proposals for business partnership and contracts, look out for new ways businesses are done for maximum profit, attend business workshops and most importantly further my education as learning is a continuous process.

All these depends on how creative and efficient you are, how you manage your time, your passion for the business you wish to start, your objectives and goal, your short time mission and long time vision for the venture.

For some entrepreneurs, you may also wish to go for part time job if you can’t cope with the longer hour’s job. Frankly, I have been able to combine all the tasks stated above cos the job I do is not so tasking.

Here are few strategies I believe will work for you when combining your startup with your paid job;

1. Always Plan Your Day Well

How you plan your day matters a lot. It’s the little, consistent daily things you do that add up to the success or failure of your startup. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by less busy colleagues, office gossips. You will have to finish up with your job so you can focus on your startup. So make sure you write down all you have to do for the day including appointments you need to keep, and thrive so hard to accomplish them.

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