How to Build Great Business Ethic for your Start-up

How to Build Great Business Ethic for your Start-up

What do you understand by the term ‘business ethic’, let alone ‘great business ethic’? If we break each word down to a granular level, according to an Oxford dictionary definition, it can be defined simply as ‘principle of behaviour in business’.


But place principles of behaviour within a business environment and it seems as though there could be some grey areas. In this article, I have outlined how every business owner can build a great business ethic in any industry.


Recognition Is Crucial

Today, the various methods of promoting your business range from investing in influencers such as those on Collabstr (social media influencers that receive remuneration to promote your brand through their social media, does that not cause one to consider if they chose the correct career path?), to Facebook Ads.


But what about employee recognition? You cannot expect your employees to feel excited about what they are working towards if you do not give it its own pedestal. Giving your employees the recognition they deserve for the work they have done is key to making them feel valued as an asset to your company.


Illuminating Mentorship

The simplest way for an employee to become discouraged is to feel as though he or she lacks clarity on what the expectations are or how to accomplish them. As a leader, you must be clear with your expectations and provide the guidance and mentorship needed for your employees to become strong in their roles with your company. Inspire them to be better at what it is they do, instead of ridiculing them in an area where they fall short, and you will reap the rewards. Some employees even go as far as taking further studies to increase their knowledge.


Find Ways to Bond as a Team

Since a well-greased machine performs optimally, so why underestimate the power of a well-greased team? Team building events enable an ambience between members, they will learn how to communicate more effectively with each other (which makes up for about 80% of their total interaction with each other). Some fun teambuilding and team bonding ideas that are highly recommended would be a talent-show, fun games and sharing photos of when each employee was a baby.


Environmental Encouragement

Creating a habitat where people want to work and enjoy being productive should be at the forefront of establishing a great team. You do that by promoting teamwork and people supporting each other. Please do not make it about the company; make it entirely about the staff. As a business owner, seeing to your employee’s happiness will ensure that they are encouraged to connect to their work as well as to their colleagues.


A Healthy Work/Life Balance

Increase productivity by ensuring that your team stays focused and efficient, and see to it that they have a stable work/life balance. When your employees have a balance, you add dimension to your character, and it helps you stay focused when you need to be. It also enables you to find commonality with the people you are around and enhances your world with other elements that may be of interest or can even add value to your role.

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Total Entrepreneurs. A Social Entrepreneur and experienced Disaster Manager. He loves researching and discussing business trends and providing startups with valuable insights into running a profitable business. He created TTE to share ideas and tips to help entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses.

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