Starting a Fashion Line? How to Prevent Brand Crashing

How to Prevent Brand Crashing

Has it occurred to you that most popular fashion brands are gradually growing unpopular?

Have you asked yourself, why this is so?

Could you remember the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Juicy Couture, how popular they use to be and what has become of the brands today?

Well I am bold enough to tell you that the brand crashing is not because they are out of new designs or lacking money to produce quality products. When you go to many departmental stores, you will still find their products there, but when you go to functions, it appears no one is patronizing these brands again.

How to prevent brand crashing


ANSWER: The brands at a point became ubiquitous in the different categories of the market.

Let us be practical now, using you my reader as a case study.

If you went to a high-end departmental store and purchased a Tommy Hilfiger gown and a bag to match, fitting well with beautiful designs, then you wore the apparel with the bag to match to an evening gathering with other folks and on getting there, another lady wore the same brand, design, and quality. You nicely approached this lady, had a friendly chat and introductions, then you told her how you appreciate her outfit and where you got yours and went further to enquire where she got hers, but to your greatest dismay, she got it from a low-end departmental store at a much lower price.


Also building brands and sustaining them on top requires curtailing the production of fake products on your brand name.

Of course, imposters always capitalize on already made brand names to make sales. They make the same brand as yours, with your label, and push it to the same market.

Did you notice what happened to Tommy’s underwear? You even hardly see it in the local shops.

What happened to these once big brands is about to happen to the popular Michael Kors brands.

Industry expert, Robert Lewis said, “Michael Kors became ubiquitous, and that’s the kiss of death for trendy fashion brands, particularly those positioned in the up-market younger consumer sectors”.

Avoid these when starting up a fashion line.

Do not allow your products at high-end, middle-end, and low-end stores. Consumers will not pay #20,000 for a bag in a departmental store when they can get one half the price at an outlet.

Create a distinctive mark and register a trademark and if possible, a short SMS code for confirmation of the originality of the purchased item.


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