Importance of UX/UI for Software Developers

The Fundamentals Of UX Design For Websites

UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) design is a discipline that creates and optimizes the interaction between users and digital products, such as web, mobile, or desktop applications.

The objective of UX/UI design is to offer a satisfactory, efficient, and pleasant experience that meets the needs and expectations of users and the business objectives of the companies that develop these products. But why is UX/UI design important in any software development? What benefits does it have for entrepreneurs that invest in improving their websites to hire a UI/UX design company? Below, you will read more about this discipline and its benefits.

What is UX/UI Design?

First of all you must learn to differentiate between User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), two disciplines that are usually confused, probably because they work hand in hand and because of the similarity of their acronyms. The reality is that UI refers to the creation of the interface, which can be graphical or developed mainly with languages such as HTML, CSS, or Javascript, while UX focuses on optimizing and analyzing social relations and the practicality of the interface.

The expert UI developer will focus on the interface design so that it generates an excellent first impression on users that resonates with their tastes. On the other hand, the UX expert will be responsible for making a platform easier to navigate and providing a pleasant experience to visitors. Another way to put it is that the UI designer is primarily in charge of the visual aspect of the interface, and the UX designer focuses on ensuring that the navigation and actions taken by the user are consistent. The UI’s purpose is deciding the user’s journey, while the UX focuses on the processes and actions that trigger use.

Skills of a UX Designer

In the hands of the UX Designer fall such crucial tasks as creating experiences that meet customers’ needs, improving their perception of the brand, and creating a solid bond with its products. Think for a moment about apps like Netflix or Spotify, tools like Google Sheets or Zapier, and digital products like Google Home or Philips Hue. We assure you that behind all of them, there is intense work on user experience with the aim of making the use you make of each of them easy, intuitive, efficient, and beautiful.

Creativity, empathy, and listening skills are some of the most essential characteristics that a good UX Designer must have to understand the user’s context, the processes they undertake on a daily basis, and their needs. Being a careful observer is also essential to notice those details that escape us at first glance when using an application, without leaving aside business and communication skills, the latter being essential. Working on a good relationship with the rest of the team is crucial, as well as researching everything related to usability and learning about software everyday.

The Specialization of a UX Designer

Depending on the size of the human team, a UX professional may need to develop in a specific role. One of them is the UX Researcher, who is responsible for analyzing users and helping them understand them by asking who they are, analyzing their behaviors, and focusing on their needs through conducting interviews, surveys, and research. User experience maps, usability evaluations, and analytics reports are usually their main projects.

The UX Writer, for their part, is responsible for knowing and defining communication with the user, studying their language to learn how the product should speak so it connects with the client. The tone and communication strategy are usually your tasks, defining the content creation strategy and its presentation to the user.

Another path of specialization is Service Design, which seeks to create or improve existing services with the aim of making them more usable, useful and appealing, as well as more effective. Those dedicated to this work pursue the goal that both the company and consumers perceive that the company’s services are the best.

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Benefits of UX/UI Design for Companies

Improves Conversion and Loyalty

A good UX/UI design makes users feel comfortable and confident when using a digital product, which increases the likelihood that they will take the actions desired by the company, such as purchasing a product, registering on a platform, or requesting a service. In addition, a good UX/UI design also makes users want to use the product again and recommend it to others, which generates loyalty and diffusion.

Reduces Costs and Development Time

A good UX/UI design involves carrying out prior research on the needs, preferences, and behaviors of potential users of the digital product, as well as carrying out constant testing and validation during the development process. That allows potential errors or problems to be detected and corrected before launching the product on the market, avoiding having to make costly and time-consuming changes later.

Increases Competitiveness and Differentiation

A good UX/UI design makes a digital product stand out among the multitude of options available in today’s market. A digital product with a careful UX/UI design transmits professionalism, quality, and innovation, which generates a competitive advantage over other similar or substitute products.

Strengthens the Brand Image

A good UX/UI design also contributes to creating and consolidating the visual identity and communicative tone of a brand. A digital product with a UX/UI design consistent with the values, mission, and vision of a brand reinforces its image among users and generates trust and credibility.


In a world where social networks predominate and where each brand must have a website to be noticed in the market, knowing about UX/UI design is crucial for every software developer who wants to grow professionally. Many companies are even looking for UX/UI designers who can turn their websites into attractive and easy-to-use places for their customers, and thus increase their sales or visits. You can choose to specialize in one branch, or even in both disciplines. If you are a software developer, learning about UX/UI design could be one of the best decisions a software developer like you can make.

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