How To Make Boxes of Cash with Self-Storage Auctions

If you watch television, you must have come across a reality show called “Storage Wars”. This show has certainly gained popularity among the masses. Thus, a newfound interest in how to make money with self-storage auctions can be seen.

In the show “Storage Wars”, people are shown as being able to quickly make money by bidding on storage unit items up for auction. Of course, the show makes the whole process look easy. But the reality is a little different than what they show.

People use self-storage units to keep their unrequired or fewer items protected and safe. Storage companies rent out space to people willing to pay a certain amount of money every month for their items. When the person renting the space fails to pay the money for a certain period, the company gains the right to sell the items with the help of an auction and make up for their fees.

How to make money with Self-Storage Auctions

Indeed Self-Storage units can help one earn a good amount of money. But, there are more chances of losing than winning money. Thus, one needs to tread carefully. Let’s keep reading a little more to know the art of winning.

How Exactly Do Self-Storage Auctions Work?

To make money with self-storage auctions, you need to know more about how storage unit auctions work. Storage companies rent out spaces to people willing to pay a monthly amount. Some use these storage facilities to store their rarely used items.

While the storage companies have no right over the person’s items renting the space. But, if the individual fails to pay the amount within the given time, which is usually 30 to 90 days, the storage company can legally sell off the items with the help of an auction.

How To Look For Storage Unit Auctions?

The means to look for a storage unit auction are just within your reach. If you love to read newspapers, then good for you, as newspapers have all the required information about the following or upcoming storage unit auctions.

If you rely too much on the internet, you can certainly look up some news for the upcoming storage unit auction online.

What Do The Bidders Get To See?

Before the auction begins, the bidders get to peek into the items. They are not allowed to touch any of the items present in the auction. The bidders must only rely upon whatever little they can see of the items and their intuitions. Thus, a bidder needs to be careful to make money with self-storage auctions.

Guide To Making Huge Amount Of Cash Through Auctions:

1) Know More Self-Storage Auctions

The more you learn about a particular subject matter, the more expertise you gain on it. In the very same way, the more you’ll learn about selling and buying self-storage units, the more comfortable you will become with doing that. You need to get well acquainted with the functioning of self-storage unit auctions.

2) Watch Self-Storage Auctions

In the beginning, try not to take part in the auction. You need to sit back and observe how the bidders decide what to bid on. You must observe how these bidders decide which storage unit will give them more profit.

The more auctions you will attend, the more knowledge you will gain. If you want to know more about how to make money from storage units, you may check out some storage auction stories; these might help you gain some insights.

3) Make Yourself A Plan

Do not bid on something that will not gain you any profit. If you bid on items that will be sold quickly, the more profitable your investment will be; after all, you’ll be spending your money too. Thus, a plan will help you stay ahead; a plan will help you make money with self-storage auctions.

4) Look Up For Places To Resell

After you are done with bidding and have your items, you are now required to look for places to resell your items. This is the most crucial part, and this part will help you make money with self-storage auctions.

You can use various sites to sell the items, like eBay, Craigslist, and many more. It is strongly advised that you must search for places to resell before you even begin bidding.


TV Shows can make anything look easy, and the same can be said for storage auction reality TV shows. Still, the reality is far different from what TV makes people believe. In storage unit auctions, you lose sometimes, and you win sometimes; nothing can be predicted for sure. But, you can always work and try to increase your chances of winning.

Growing the possibility of winning is in your hand. You can certainly boost your prospect of winning by following the above guide. The guide provided above will help you make money with self-storage auctions. But, do remember that the process of bidding can be risky. Thus you need to be mindful. However, storage unit auctions can be a great way of earning solid money. With experience, you will master it.

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