How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners in 2023

Are you looking to start a profitable blog that will make you money? As the human race has already experienced Covid-19 pandemic, the global industrial sector has gone through dramatic changes. In the job sector, ‘work from home’ is the new normal that will stay for a longer time. In the post-pandemic era, youth are seeking flexible jobs, which allows them to make money working remotely.

How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners

Blogging has forever been a dream job for many, and in the post-Covid era, many people are choosing it as they can comfortably do it as an online work-from-home job.

As per the stats published by Upwork, 26.7% of the US workforce has shifted on a remote setup. The data also mentions that by 2025, this percentage will cross 40%. Blogging in the US is mostly done remotely.

Blog: Definition

A blog is an informational website that is regularly updated with content. The content is created by the creators, who are called bloggers. The elements of a blog are as follows:

  • The presence of information is vital in the case of a blog
  • It should address the audience and engage them
  • No matter how you play with the language, the audience must be able to know about your business
  • You can have multiple blog sites to publish content frequently
  • Blogging helps you earn without much investments

Make Money with a Blog: Procedure to Start a Blog

Here are some steps on how you can start your blog. Make sure to spare a decent amount of time on it as you learn how to write a blog properly. Remember, anyone with proper knowledge of technical writing can become a blogger.

Step 1:  A Blog Name

It is mandatory to choose the name of the blog before publishing it. Make sure the blog name you choose gives the audience an idea regarding the niche you will write on. For example, you should not give your blog a fully artistic name if your niche is technology.

An appropriate blog name not only attracts the audience but helps them recognize your site and view your content regularly. As a blogger, your primary aim should be to boost the level of views on your site.


Your blog name or Initial should match your domain name and form part of your URL for easy identification.


Blog Name: The Total Entrepreneurs

  • URL:
  • Protocol: https
  • Sub Domain: www
  • Second-level domain/domain name: thetotalentrepreneurs
  • Top-level domain (TLD): com
  • Root domain:

Domain description The Total Entrepreneurs

Step 2:  Selecting the Right Niche

Selecting the right niche for blogging is crucial, and it falls under the homework you need to do. It is important to consider a niche before starting a blog to make money.

Remember, professional blogging is different from casual blogging, and the absence of a niche might be disadvantageous. Try to select a single niche for writing blog content, as it can help you improve your expertise.

Search for the right niche on the internet, as many articles can help you select it. Make sure you study a lot, it will help you understand how a blog should look like.

In the case of professional blogging, you will always have a chance to change the niche. The considerations that you must make while choosing the right niche are given below:

  • The subject you had opted for in your higher studies
  • Your interest areas
  • Prominent hobbies that you have
  • Your average lifestyle (a way of living)
  • Previous professions and experience that you have

Step 3:  Register your Domain and get a Web Host

get a Web Host

After making a choice of your domain name, then you must register your domain. Do not use a free domain name or free host platform.

While starting a career as a professional blogger, you need to invest in web hosting. Your content needs to get proper audience exposure.

You can select a hosting platform after going through the features. Web hosting also enhances your content’s security. The web host company you choose can make or mar your blogging career and exposure. Web hosts such as Bluehost or Fastcomet are recommended. For those who can’t make pay in USD, you can make use of Webmanager.

Select your plan and package, keeping in mind the conveniences it can provide you. Moreover, check the ways you can pay them as your blogging career rolls up.

You can refer to the web to go through the features of multiple web hosting platforms. To ensure a valid subscription, you must follow all the rules that appear on the web host’s site. Try not to miss the footnotes and fine lines before signing the deal.

Some web hosting platforms enhance data security for a more expensive package. You should choose such a platform and take its subscription.

Domain registration is another task that you should not miss when it comes to investing in web hosting. Check the prices and pay the amount. Once you get the email with all hosting-related information, try jotting them down at a secured place. Some web host companies like the ones mentioned above offer your free domain registration for the first year.

Step 4:  Designing the Blog

Blog design

Every blog site needs a decent outlook for the viewers to find it attractive. remains the best and easiest CMS to start your blog on. Your host should have a 1-Click WordPress installation. All you have to do after this installation is choose a theme for your blog site. Adding a theme to your blog site is no rocket science. You can check the procedure on the internet.

Try referring to the videos available on YouTube as they contain the step-by-step procedure to add themes on your blog site.

WordPress allows you to create your platform and write blogs. It is a CMS solution that allows you to create and publish your blogs. Content organization is another thing you can get from an excellent CMS like WordPress.

Apart from writing, WordPress CMS enables you to make your blog presentable as you can add links, images, and videos of your choice.

Another best thing about WordPress CMS is that it is free, and you can use it for hosting. If you are a novice blogger planning to make blogging your profession, choosing WordPress can be the best thing. Remember, the web hosting plan and your domain are the only things you would need if you use WordPress. WordPress also offers free themes in case you are not ready to purchase a premium one.

Difference between and and are two different platforms, and you need to know the differences as a blogger. Here are some distinguishing features of both.

  • It enables free access (You can use the free version; however, there are multiple restrictions)
  • It does not allow you to upload plugins for capturing emails
  • Themes on are limited in number
  • To remove the WordPress tag, you need to pay the organization
  • Limited monetization

  • It gives you the full independence to set different themes
  • With it, you can easily monetize your blog
  • You will only need to invest a little in the case of blogging with
  • You can open up a membership site with

After you choose either of the two, the only thing you need to do is configure the setup. Here, you can call up a person who has technical ideas when it comes to configuration.

Step 5: Start Blogging

If you are done with all the above steps, it is time now for you to start blogging. Never expect your blog site content to get high exposure right from the beginning. You need to keep writing a series of blogs to get the right exposure ultimately.

Try using the extensions available on the platform or the browser. These extensions can help to ease your writing with automated corrections.

Apart from the extensions, you can use the plugins. Some details of the plugins are mentioned here briefly.

  • WPForms: WPForms help you to communicate with the readers and answer their queries.
  • Yoast SEO: Following the guidelines while writing the blogs can help you with more SEO rankings.
  • Google Analytics WordPress Dashboard: The Google Analytics plugin in WordPress can help you check your blog site’s analytics data.
  • MaxCDN: All static elements on your blog can get downloaded real fast with the help of MaxCDN. This can be the best plugin to work with if you write many blog content in a day.

Apart from the plugins mentioned above, there are hundreds of plugins available on the platform. All you need to do is check their benefits and use them accordingly.

Ranking Tips

Once you have started your blog, the next big thing to learn is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Learn more about SEO. Search Engine traffic remains the best traffic source.

Ways to Make Money by Blogging

Although there are multiple ways to earn money through blogging, the most known and popular ways are discussed below:

  • Affiliate Marketing: When you promote someone else’s products on your blog and generate sales for them, you earn a certain commission for this. This is called affiliate marketing. It is one of the hottest ways to earn money from your blog and is practiced by top digital marketers of the industry. Learn more about affiliate marketing.
  • Advertising: You can advertise products or services related to your niche and earn a lump sum amount. For this, you need to create a brand for yourself and then start advertising on your blogs.
  • PPC/CPA: One of the easiest ways to make money from your blog is through advertisement companies like Google Adsense,,  Propeller Ads, Infolinks, Revenue hits, etc. These platforms allow you to show partner adverts on your site and monetize it while you concentrate on dolling out quality and original blog posts.
  • Other ways to monetize your blog include selling your own information products, consulting, ad marketplaces like Adclerks,, etc.

Now that you know the ways to create a blog, it is time when you should learn the easiest tactics to make money from the blog. Here are some ways:

  1. Share the blogs on social media: You need to share the blogs on social media and tag the target mass as far as you can. This can help to boost views and lead you to earn money automatically.
  2. News response: You can respond to specific news in your niche and write a blog on it. Most people can see your blog and give responses to it. As a result, the blog’s views will increase, and it can fetch you good profits.
  3. Collaborate with other bloggers: Creating collaborated content can at times turn your blog quite viral. Viral posts have high views, and they can help increase the number of followers on your blog. As a result, you can earn a handsome profit.

Final Words

Nowadays, people of different age groups are turning into bloggers. If you start blogging from an early age and turn your platform into a monetized one, it will be easier for you to sustain in the market. Go through these steps to know the ways to write a blog and make money from it. You can expect blogging to provide enough for your livelihood in a few years.


Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn a commission for my endorsement, recommendation, and/or link to any products or services from this website.

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