How to Make More Money as a Teacher

Tell someone you’re a teacher and everything comes to their mind except that you deserve more income cum positive attention to your internal yearning for dignity of labor. To look into it really as a teacher the growth of the society is largely designed by you. Hence a lot on your shoulders. Through the days you’re investigating your students’ performances. You strategize improvement plans for them and guide them through the improvement stages. A set of responsibilities that keep you from thinking of how to make more money as a teacher.

How to Make More Money as a Teacher

And to speak that there’s more to that. Keeping a heavy class under control. Helping the lazy/unserious students get along and keeping your sanity with the terribly notorious bad eggs. Oh and there’s getting home to working papers around the clock in your workstation. Preparing notes for the next class, formulating assignments, creating weekly assessments, and fleshing out questions for the exams. And the fact that you give summer coaches leaves you with no breaks.

Teaching is okay but what’s not okay is having less to show for it. Exactly why I’ll be showing you how to make more money as a teacher with 5 golden ideas on this post. Each of the ideas is profitable and won’t bite into your time or schedule.

Starting with our golden idea number 1…

Writing for Educational Sites

As a teacher writing is second to your nature just like speaking is. How about investing an hour a day into turning your writing skill into money? There are several online publishers looking for articles from real teachers. The pay ranges between $80 and $200 per 500-1000 words article. Most of these educational sites allow you to send in your article pitches or complete post. And they are always open for publication. I have listed some of the educational sites with the best education writing jobs for teachers.

  • WeAreTeachers: They are currently seeking. You send in your article pitch for approval. You’re also allowed to kick over a complete article at a time. They pay $100 honorarium per article. The length they accept falls between 500 words to 700 words. Check the official site up to see guidelines.
  • American Educator: Send up to 1000 to 5000 words write-up and get paid at the least $300. They are open for submission on all educational topics.
  • Teachers & Writers Magazine: If you’re into teaching creative writing this is for you. Teachers&writers magazine provides rich inspiration and education on creative writing to their audience of students and teachers. They are always open for submission and they pay $50-$350 for 500-2500 words.
  • Teaching Tolerance: Share curriculum, short articles, and short personal stories of yourself as a teacher. You get paid $1/word.
  • Women In Higher Education. Their audience is limited to women on campus. The goal is to provide these women with insights and ideas to be more effective in their careers and lives. You may write between 800 to 1500 words and receive $350.

Become an Online Tutor

How about squeezing in just two hours a week and earning real money continuously. This is one of the best passive income ideas for teachers online. Becoming an online STEP tutor without having to stress yourself keeping the class under your belt. How? You meet students on all of the best legitimate sites that offer online tutoring jobs. And… you get paid for each student that signs up for your tutorials. Tutors are raking in an average of $22/hour online and here are the online tutorship sites you want to start with;

  • Once registered and signed up you may log in anytime with students of varying grades ready for tutorship. pays you on the spot after every session.
  • They are in partnership with leading EdTech firms across the globe. So you’ll always find loads of tutorial jobs on their vertical. Earning is $14-$22 per hour depending on your teaching experience and qualification which you get across to them when signing up.
  • Skooli: Getting approved to tutor on Skooli is not a walk-in-the-park. But once in you may never have to ask how to make money as a teacher ever again. The payment is competitive and worktime flexible.
  • SmartThinking: With over 150 subjects needing tutors, the chances of getting in and starting right now are thick.

Rent Things Out

The list runs on and on when it comes to naming the things you could rent out. As a teacher, I’d want to keep all of my things to myself except for my car and my house. Dugh? Here’s the thing. You spend an average of 4 hours within the walls of a classroom with your car parked outside. like most other peer-to-peer car rental platforms pay you $10 per hour when you rent your car out to them. Thinking about all the $40 you’ve been throwing away every day? I have listed some of the best short-term car rental platforms below. However, you may consider renting your house out as well on AirBnB with a monthly earning potential of $1, 218.

How to make more money as a teacher renting your cars out…

  • Turo: List your car up after signup and start managing your dedicated dashboard. You decide what offer to take, and Turo pays you 65% of the trip price or 90% for cars with commercial rental insurance. Turo is the largest car rental marketplace with $706 per month as a renter’s average earning.
  • HyreCar: Unlike Turo for recreation rentals HyreCar allows you to rent your car out to Uber drivers and similar commercial drivers.

Sell Books on the Subjects You Teach

Fun and lucrative. Writing a book around your passion is enjoyable too. There’s always a standing market ready to be tapped into. Now is the time to write your own books for students around the world and get them published instantly. By the way, if you read a lot of books with boxes of read ones loaded up in the store, you could make money by selling old books right away. Back to writing and selling books online, these are some self-publishing sites, publish your eBooks and sell them online.

Manage your Blog or Website or YouTube Channel

Blogging is one of the best passive income-generating activities online. If you’re doing it well blogging becomes more than a side hustle. Do it with passion, add a YouTube channel to it, and monetize your blog to start a 6-figure business online. Besides the amount of time spent online today according to Statista is massive. With students worldwide spending an average of 9hrs 11 minutes online you could be pulling heavy traffic on your blog and making real money off of them without actually taking from them in the real sense. Along the line of that shelling out tutorial videos on your YouTube channel opens you to earning opportunities from advertisers on YouTube. You may also wish to start a book review blog and start earning massively.


When you ask how to make more money as a teacher the results you get online come as a list of the jobs you’ll never take. I filtered the odd jobs out for a perfect list of side gigs that fit in with your teaching job. This way you earn even while within the walls of a classroom aside from your salary. Reach out to me in the comment box for questions and answers.

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