How to Make Your Rented Office Space a Joy to Work In

How to Make Your Rented Office Space a Joy to Work In

There’s never been a better time to start up an office for your business. As the UK wakes up from the relative hibernation of full lockdowns in 2020, so too does industry – and with increased demand for workspaces and a coincident trend of companies downsizing their office spaces to allow for hybrid working, the market is in the right place for a small business to start up a commercial space. But workers need more than four walls and a ceiling to work happily and efficiently. So how do you choose the right space, and how do you kit it out for maximum productivity and comfort?


Choosing the Right Office Space

Making sure you pick the right space, to begin with, is paramount. You need to square away your budget with the modern conveniences offered by your office choice, and the floor space available to work with. If your company has a workforce of ten or less, maybe you don’t need a full floor of a serviced office building in the city centre. Canvas your employees for advice, or even survey them. How many drive, or take public transport? How many are happy to continue working from home? Use these answers to influence your rental decision.


Selecting the Right Furniture

Your office’s furniture style should closely reflect the values of your company, your leadership, and your workforce. If your company is involved in the production, distribution, or sale of traditional, legacy or nostalgia items, you might want your office to throw back to offices of the mid century – leather chesterfields in the reception area, wooden desks, and bureaus. If your company has a more forward-thinking outlook, then you should be thinking an open-plan layout and luxury office furniture to match.

The ergonomic needs of your workforce are also important not to ignore – whichever décor style you go for with furniture, don’t skimp on office desk chairs. Finding a comfortable desk chair for your workforce will keep them happy and healthy at their desks.


Decorations, and Introducing Flora

Furniture isn’t the only way to decorate your office space. Your walls can similarly reflect your business’ mission, and engender positivity in your workforce. Framing art commissions or evidence of your business’ wins is a good start, while murals and sculptural installations from local artists can elevate the space. Plant life is also a fantastic way to liven up your workspace – a study from Australia concluded that offices featuring plant life increased employee productivity by up to 15%.

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