Top Businesses with High Return on Investment Most People Don’t Know

Ever want to invest in businesses with high return on investment most people don’t know because you’re sickeningly tired of the rat race around popular businesses? 

You’ve been putting your ears to the ground, your nose to the air to catch new businesses immediately they pop up while they are hot and not yet cluttered. Meanwhile, you don’t want to fall prey to the so-called gurus and their fake secret 6 figure funnels. 

Every serious business-minded individual want to invest in businesses with high return on investment. But today in the era of digital communication, business decision making has been made difficult. Because there are hundreds of opportunities popping up on your screen daily with few of them being genuine.

How then do you stay off the cold waters and yet find genuine businesses with high returns? Well, that’s why I’ve made this article up through unbiased researches and business testing. Right here, you will learn to leave the rat race and start making up for your losses. Read on.

Top Businesses with High Return On Investment Most People Overlook

1. Coaching/Tut-brokers

Top Business with high roi

Education is a business. As long as you believe in this bitter truth, and have a knack for teaching, you’re all set. But don’t take my word for it. With the USA education market growing to $2040 billion by 2026. And education global worth to hit $10 trillion by 2030.

The best time to invest in education is now. Look around you, children and teenagers getting enrolled in extra classes. Parents throwing out money to get their wards the tutorship support needed for exam excellence. You shouldn’t sit back while Nathaniel Hannan makes $1,250 an hour as a tutor. No, not when you can start with absolutely nothing but an exceptional teaching skill. All you need is to create an outreach on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn with pictures of your qualifications upfront. And your contact of course. Once you hit your first potential customer and you are able to create a good impression. They’ll make free referrals that will set you up the ladder for you.

2. Real Estate/Brokers

Real Estate business idea

Image: AZ Homes

What do real estate brokers do? They find Mr. A who’s in need of a property Mr. B has. They find Mr.B who wants to sell a property Mr. A is on the lookout for. They act as an intermediary. Making the transaction between the two parties successful while cutting a slice into their wallet along the way.

Now, you feel brokers do nothing? They are just some smart lucky men in suits? No. Brokers are people who never sleep. Their eyes are on every opportunity. And they are ready to take risks. Does that sound like you? Why not become a real estate agent? See, it’s almost like teaching. People don’t know how big an industry it is. That is why I’ve included the two on my list of top businesses with high ROI most people don’t know.

People have an insignificant knowledge of the amount of wealth they could claim to their names as real estate agents. Lands do not depreciate. Rents scale high monthly. In fact, last year, the residential brokerage and management field amassed $200 billion. A cake you can have an elephant share from if you join real estate online classes to become a professional.

Remember, there are some skills required to be a successful broker. According to Zoom Property, here are 5 traits of a successful real estate broker in highlights;

  • Develop more human relationships
  • Intuitive business acumen
  • Become one with your market
  • Be adaptable to change
  • Technology-focused

3. Car Wash/Garage renting

Car wash business with high roi

Image: AppCloneScript

This one’s not one of those white-collar jobs you’ve always wanted. But there’s a funnel here that drives daily income in for any devoted individual thirsty for self-employment. And since it’s not a cluttered industry, plus it brings handsome returns while the investment is low, stepping on it may be your biggest step this year.

But how do you start out with little investment to get yourself up and running? Meanwhile, you could leave out a space for car parking services if you would have enough space in your future car wash shop.

4. Computer Trainer/Developer

Are you a computer geek? The world has gone digital and the need to be digital literate is on high. People don’t want to get left behind. Businesses, organizations, schools, and even governments are on the WWW.

Therefore, as a computer geek, you could rent an office as a computer trainer. Also, since the need for programmers/developers is on the increase, acquiring a digital skill will up your knowledge and skills as an expert. You could be developing e-Commerce and E-learning apps for various organizations.

5. Fast Food Restaurants

Top Businesses with High Return on Investment Most People Don’t Know

Image: Mustang Message

Fast foods are more consumed today than ever. According to Statista, about 247, 191 fast foods were established in the United States in 2018.  The statistics show the growth in number of fast foods set up in the United States only from 2004. This is a result of the high global consumption of fast foods commemorating the increase in world population. So, the pasture is green on this side.

Nevertheless, there are some factors you should consider before opening a fast food. As a model with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth) of 4.20% worth 539.63 billion USD by 2016, you need to be a fast thinker and consumer-centric entrepreneur to strive through the trends. I’m not telling you that the competition is high, but it will soon be.

So, if you’re hitching a hike, now’s the time to start up a business that will be valued highly come 2022. How then do you start out? You can start big or start with a little capital and kick yourself off the ground as you grow. You can start as a drive-thru or be an on-premises restaurant. Although, the former is more cost-effective. Needless to say, you can learn restaurant management if need be.

6. Personal Improvement

How about setting up a blog to sell personal improvement services and products? You can see how to set up a profitable blog here. Boomers are never quitting trying to look/feel young and alive. Not just them, youths are constantly leveling up their potentials with every self-improvement material they lay their hands on. Companies are also segregating a cut from their annual budgets for motivational sessions to skyrocket their employees’ inputs. Therefore, there’s an opportunity here for motivational speakers, yoga teachers, psychologists, and therapists. So if you’ve any marketable self-improvement characteristics, experience, or material, you could turn them to sellable services/products and earn big.


The business world today is not about how much you spend, rather, it’s about what kind of model you’re on and how fast you’re. Those who start on time escape the rat race, that stage when a hot business idea begins to receive attention. So, with these top business suggestions, you can kick start immediately and avoid the incoming heavy traffic.

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Total Entrepreneurs. A Social Entrepreneur and experienced Disaster Manager. He loves researching and discussing business trends and providing startups with valuable insights into running a profitable business. He created TTE to share ideas and tips to help entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses.

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