3 Ways in Which Starting a Podcast Can Benefit Your Business

In this growing age of technology, it is essential as a business to stay on top of current trends to stay relevant. Did you know, for example, that the first podcast was created in 2004, but it’s only since 2019 that these digital audio files have really begun to take off.


As the 2020 COVID epidemic left thousands of people out of work many began to search for ways to keep themselves entertained until the world returns to ‘normal’, which resulted in the increasing popularity of podcasts.


Trends show that the public’s consumption of certain types of media has increased in 2020, with one of the most dramatic increases being seen in podcast listeners. Music app Spotify reported that in the fourth quarter of 2020 podcast listening hours have doubled, so now there’s no better time to start your own.


3 Ways in Which Starting a Podcast Can Benefit Your Business


Podcasts are a great way to market your business in an informal, friendly way, and are useful for engaging with both new and current customers. Here are 3 ways in which starting a podcast can benefit your business:


  1. You Can Build A Show On A Budget To Suit You


One of the best things about starting your own podcast is that you have the flexibility to decide how much time, money, and effort you can afford to put into it. Your channel is yours to use how you like, and a podcast done well can end up becoming another marketing platform for your business.


Paid adverts are not only costly in the long run, but there’s no guarantee that your target audience will even take any action from them. Connecting with engaged listeners is a more wholesome way to grow the popularity of your business, with all the benefits of being a low-budget option.


  1. Your Customers are More Likely to Remember You


Not only that, but you will be remembered for the right reasons. The aim is to create podcasts that provide something useful to your listeners, whether that’s entertainment (by means of comedy or storytelling) or information (such as an interview with an interesting person). Find speakers for your event to ensure that your podcast is worth tuning in for. Companies like Speakers Corner offer a selection of talented speakers so that you can create an unforgettable show.


The more people are kept engaged by your podcast, the more likely they will return. Listeners will associate those positive feelings they get when listening to the podcast with your business itself. Consequently, if somebody feels positive about your business, they are much more likely to use your services in a time of need.


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  1. Podcasting Reaches a Larger Audience


No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have access to a device to listen to audio on, then you can listen to any podcast. So, with just a pair of quality headphones and a mobile device, listeners can enjoy your show. A successful and engaging podcast offers the ability to connect to an international audience and raise brand awareness.


While marketing and paid ads tend to be targeted towards specific locations, a podcast has no limitations set on who can listen to it. The world really is your oyster!

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