The Story of Jumoke, the Bread Seller that landed a modelling contract after photobombing pop star Tinie Tempah

The Story of Jumoke, the Bread Seller.

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Sound too good to be true; like a modern day fairy tale, Olajumoke Orisaguna, a former bread seller has landed not only a modelling contract but overnight popularity and fame, an apartment, Style magazine cover, 3 years in internship to better her spoken and written English. What else could she ask for?

It all started during a photo shoot of a pop star, Tinie Tempah, by photographer TY Bello. As TY was giving Tinie some shots in the streets of Lagos, Jumoke, carrying her agege bread on her head, well arranged and innocently passing by was caught by one of the shots.

During TY’s review of the photo section, she caught a glimpse of this particular photo that caught the bread seller. The picture caught her fancy, she did a little work on it and she couldn’t help but send out an sos message on her social media fanpage seeking for anyone that could identify the potential model.

Read the message below

Jumoke the bread seller 2

Luckily, some TY’s fan where able to identify the lady, she was contacted and in just a matter of days, she is trending on social media, already featured on CNN and also booked for another CNN section/interview in April By Kunbi Collection. She cannot speak English now but I believe Nigerians will be shocked by April when she has been booked to feature on CNN again.

Jumoke is already partnering with TY Bello’s photography firm and already covered the front page of Thisday Style Magazine.

Jumoke the bread seller 3


During the course of the day, @emaedosio who was making a short documentary about the process had asked her what she really wanted to do.

“Ka ma kiri Buredi ko suwon” she explained that bread hawking wasn’t the most profitable business but put enough food on her table . It also put a roof over a head .. Howbeit a roof she shared with scores of other hawkers .

She was a trained hairdresser back in Osun state but her family could not afford the necessarily ‘freedom’ ceremony; a passing out ritual that gives a trainee a sometimes unwritten permission to start a full fledged salon.

We all decided that the make over would be incomplete if it ended at the studio. Every one started to reach out to their contacts and through Bimpe we were able to get her a meeting with Ugo the pioneer of Make-me salon.

As a result of the buzz she generated from the Thisday cover Our model is now close to starting an internship at @makemesalon and has been offered a additional internship with @sarisignature a famous Lebanese owned salon on the island island.

To pay Jumoke her model fee from her first job in front of the camera we called @_ujumarshall one of Nigeria’s And matched her fees .She’s been offered a modelling contract with the help of @godsonukaegbu from a @fewmodels. She’s also had @payporte reach out to her to be model on their next billboard campaign.

This is clearly only the beginning of another chapter in Jumoke’s story. Though it seems accidental it s clearly divine.

Just this morning, mentor of mine offered to foot the bill for her accommodation, education as well as her child’s. This finally makes it possible to be finally reunited with her husband and older child.

I’ve asked myself over and again why all of this is happening. One thing is clear. This woman here is no charity case. We met her in the middle of her hustle. The woman works hard.. Seven days a week. With a family to support. But with dignity. who pays that much attention to how she looks as she’s about to hawk bread? Arranging the bread so delicately like it was worth much more .. Making sure she left the bakery while it was steamy and hot Everybody likes their bread hot . .. All of this even when it’s clear that her profit in a day is between N300-500 .

“This is the story of so many Nigerians. The young house selling gala in traffic” The woman braiding hair under the bridge. Nigerians work hard and we go it with style.

This has taught us and I hope everyone reading to pay a little attention, to those clearly working hard around us .. You may have your own wahala to deal with. But nothing gives you a bigger break from your troubles than just making life easier for someone else. Give an orange seller a N1000 note and she may be able to take the next day off to attend to herself and her children.

Jumoke is sorted “I personally believe so with all the doors opening up for her but this story is more about the jumokes’ around you. Who put in all the work but just need a little push. You may not be able to help every one but as I learnt from someone I really respect In your own unique way”. Do for the ONE what you would have liked to do for ALL.


Jumoke ooo Wants to be a hairstylists but secretly nurses a fantasy to act in a Yoruba film one day. I know she’ll be a nollywood hit. She did great in front of my camera and understood how to work the tiniest emotional nuances. She may not speak much English but can read and write in Yoruba.

Jumoke the bread seller 4

Stanbic IBTC is already showing interest in Jumoke and I believe this is the beginning of the open doors she should be expecting this year. I am seeing her as the next Glo Ambassador.

Jumoke the bread seller 5

Jumoke’s husband case is a practical illustration of the biblical verse that “he that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favour from God.”


Olajumoke taking delivery of her apartment and internship certificate

May God continue to bless her and every other person out their genuinely struggling to make ends meet for themselves and their family.

Update (Jumoke Divorce) 

It was reported by YabaLeftOnline that Olajumoke Orisaguna is no longer with her estranged husband and have even changed her last name to Chris. This was coming after her husband complained that the now model queen is no longer respecting him and allowing him do all the house chores.

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