There is NO Competition in Life – Big Lie

“There is no competition in life” This misconception about life has derailed the mind of many towards achieving success in life, career, business and family.

There is no Competition in Life!-Big Lie-

Healthy competition is good for every career or business person if they must succeed beyond their imagination.

Most individuals limit their goal because of lack of competition. They take many things for granted including their own success.

It is true that success can be defined in many ways including one being happy at what one is able to achieve, but one person’s achievement could be another’s starting point or even failure.

Here is a practical case study

A woman that sells fio-fio (small brown local beans) called agbugbu in my local dialect (Igbo) always fail to open her local restaurant on time everyday because she own the only food vendor shop around my office area. The workers within the area will always wait till 2-3pm everyday before she will open her shop.

After accosting her to ascertain why she can’t be making her food ready earlier than her normal schedule, I was surprised by her answer, “Don’t you know I am the only person cooking it, will I die for you people?” I wondered what stops her from employing extra hands to be able to meet up on time and also her customer base was increasing cos, yes, she can prepare the food. What also stopped her from thinking beyond her current capacity by making her restaurant more homely and condusive to increase revenue and maybe expand in the future? But, of course, NO, they are not in her plans. Why, she has no competition and anytime she makes her food (small quantity for that matter) she finish selling before 5-6pm.

Few months back, another woman made a temporary structure where she was selling food and her food ready from 10am. You know what happened to the other woman’s business? Customers reduced. Why? Before she was done making her food, most of her customers are already filled up. Then came some changes. Gradually, she started coming out on time, changed her seats to better ones, started being more polite to her customers.

What am I saying in essence? Competition makes us better, infact; competition brings out the best in us.

According to The Granite Games, There’s far more to be gained from competition than a place on a podium, a shiny trophy or even prize money. The time you invest in yourself and your training will pay dividends, and you may discover that your abilities and potential stretch far beyond what you believed possible.

Here are my ten (10) reasons why everyone, especially entrepreneurs and business people should compete.

  1. Competition breeds inspiration.
  2. Competition gives you this inner strength and vigor.
  3. Competition promotes growth.
  4. Competition makes us more accountable.
  5. Through competition, human civilization is advanced.
  6. Competition breeds creativity.
  7. Competing can drive you to acquire and perfect new skills.
  8. Competition makes us goal oriented.
  9. Competition can help you prove to yourself you can do amazing things.
  10. Competition makes life more entertaining.


Life in itself is about competition starting from the birth process. Millions of kings (sperms) where struggling to be the one that will fertilize a queen (egg). That is competition. I therefore urge my readers to engage in positive and healthy competition that will increase their productivity thereby increase in growth (cash or business).

To your success.

©FrancisNwokike 2016

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