How to Watch Stories Anonymously on Instagram

Instagram has a deserved worldwide reputation as the most popular and easy-to-use application. The abundance of possible tools makes this social network to be a place with hundreds appealing offers for promotion.  Still, even if you do not intend to become a famous star, you are free to share photos, videos, texts, reels, and stories. In other words, you can do everything to show your audience every minute of your life. The same happens to other people. Being interested in a particular person, you need just to create an account and reach any profile you want in just a few clicks.

However, there are some cases when you want to stay private and watch Instagram content anonymously. Today, we speak about stories and ways of watching them without showing your real name. Unfortunately, there’s no way to set up an anonymous view of stories on Instagram itself – the view counter will show you everyone who’s been through the stories cards. But through special services, apps, and Telegram chatbots, you can view someone else’s profile in confidence, and the account owner will never know who it was or if anyone was on his page at all. Unless, of course, you tell them yourself.

How to Watch Stories Anonymously on Instagram

Answering a question about how to watch Instagram stories anonymously, we advise using specialized services, like The reliable website allows reaching the desired profile within an incredibly short period of time, keeping privacy and hiding your presence.

Instagram account as a tool to lose or protect our privacy

After social networks have entered our lives not so many years ago, people become more open to the world. We more willingly tell our subscribers about plans for the day, talk about ideas and dreams, share content representing those who and what we love and care about. In such a way, little stays behind the curtains of privacy and personal space. We can observe it from both sides of using Instagram:

  • People who publish content connected with their everyday routine reveal everything to their audience;
  • People who follow them can use various services to watch the content anonymously sharing some of their data with the specialized tools.

To eliminate the situation of data leakage, does not require any personal information. The instrument gives the opportunity to observe stories making only a tiny investment. It can be denoted as a long-term contribution to privacy.

Stories on Instagram and why people publish them

Insta stories were created to add naturalness to Instagram. The photos that are usually posted to the feed are impeccable and “sleek,” so sometimes they lack a lot of everyday life. Besides, an insta story is a place where the owners of pages can breathe out and stop being so ideal.

For business accounts, the Instagram stories’ benefits are vivid. Short-term videos are a helpful tool to get the audience acquainted with the manufacturing, staff, rules and conditions, as well as the internal side of the company. In addition, the short-lived nature of stories does not overwhelm the feed and gives the user the choice of whether or not to take the time to look.

Now let`s come to grips with the most widespread situation. You want to see stories of the person but not to mention your name. You may think about creating a bot account and visit the page considering yourself uncatchable. We are afraid to disappoint but this is not the best solution. The person whose activity you monitor will definitely find out your personality.

So, how to investigate Instagram on an anonymous basis? To fulfill this desire, a wise decision is to use an efficient third-party tool And here is why we think so.

The easiest way to watch stories on Instagram anonymously with

Service is an effective instrument for anonymous viewing of Instagram stories from public accounts, which does not require user authorization in the social network Instagram. The functionality presented on the platform, is absolutely available for users, allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously and does not require any additional actions other than entering the user’s Instagram nickname.

Each user of the service has the ability to view and save stories and publications (note that accounts must have public access). Pushing the correct button «Download», you get an opportunity to save the desired publications to your computer.

Steps to perform with the online service DataJam. pro

Taking into account the amount of precise data delivered by the service, the way of its implementation is surprisingly simple. No complicated steps are required, everything is plain and understandable. Broadly speaking, your task is to enter the username of the necessary person and that’s it.

To be sure that you perform correct steps, here is a short instruction and the description of necessary moves.

  1. Open and push the button «Start trial».
  2. Open User Agreement, read it attentively, and put a tick.
  3. Enter your e-mail and pay just 1$ for the trial. This step is highly important as it represents confirmation of your account and ability to pay the application. Moreover, it gives you access to the functionality of the service. In such a way, the app protects its clients from hackers and spam attacks.
  4. Having undergone the easiest registration process, you have to open the main page. It represents the analysis of your personal account.
  5. Press the «Add account» button on the top of the page to select a profile for monitoring.
  6. Enter the username of the person whose stories you want to look at. Choose the correct variant form the list.
  7. Press the button «Start checking» and wait a few minutes for the results. Mind that the bigger amount of data the profile contains, the more time the checking will take.
  8. After checking, choose Stories and enjoy the results.

The instruction may seem complicated at first sight as it consists of several steps, but you will change your mind. The user-friendly interface, good optimization, stable work, and meeting established requirements contribute to your overall positive experience.

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The most popular cases when watching stories on Instagram anonymously is a must

Thanks to the wide applicability and a huge variety of functions, is an irreplaceable helper in dispelling the tiniest doubts or confirming the worst expectations. Addressing the service, people have different goals but all of them get the precise reliable result. The most popular cases faces every day are connected with relationships between people and misunderstandings appeared as the consequence. However, it may be successfully applied in monitoring the activity of huge business accounts and famous organizations.

With the trusted online service, you will find the solution to the following dubious issues:

  • Monitoring the likes of your partner (whose accounts and what posts they like);
  • Getting as much information about your crush as possible;
  • Meeting new people and gathering more facts about recent friends;
  • Tracking the activity of your exes;
  • Watching stories of the current beloved of your exes;
  • Identifying whether your partner cheats on you;
  • Analyzing the activity of your beloved while you are not at home;
  • Staying up to date with the analytics of your own account;
  • Eliminating bots and stalkers from your page;
  • Analyzing daily activity of your rivals in business.

The advantages of using an effective third-party tool

The need to pay for services imposes an obligation on the company to provide some unique and useful features. The creators of understand this, so they tried to add the maximum number of features to their service:

  • simple registration process;
  • easy payment method;
  • availability of a trial period for only 1$;
  • deep analysis of the information;
  • absolute confidentiality;
  • possibility to analyze any account you want;
  • no need to enter your profile data;
  • extreme ease of use;
  • constant information updating.

This is definitely not the whole list of advantages you get with professional assistance. Be ready to become absolutely astonished by the complete pack of future attractions.

The team of digital specialists works on constant updating and implementing planned functionality innovations. Comparing the service with their free rivals, the most beneficial characteristic is its credibility. When you pay for the definite tariff, you invest in your tranquility and balance. While the free applications may just disappear in one minute making you start searching for new assistance. This circulation of unnecessary movements will not lead to the desired result.

The price of online service for watching Instagram stories anonymously

According to the needs and desires of clients, the service offers three equally appealing options for applying. Think through carefully and choose the most appropriate one.

  • 3-day trial. This package consists of 1 tracking account and 1-day full access. It means you can watch the Instagram stories of a person anonymously for the whole day. The price for this proposition is only 1$. If you have any doubt about the utility of the application in your individual case, it is advisable to try a 3-day period.
  • The basic package includes 3 tracking accounts and a week subscription. This offer has a little bit higher price – 9.99$ in a week. However, it is perfectly suitable for those who intend to monitor people for some period of time to get some particular information. It may be a vacation or a business trip.
  • The name speaks for the content. With the full pack you get 6 tracking accounts and a week subscription. Paying only 19.9$ for 7 days, you receive much more benefits and advantageous opportunities. Full package is mostly suitable for those who know their needs perfectly and intend to get a detailed analysis of profiles.

The detailed analysis of the profile with

Being a service of versatile functions, sets a comprehensible set of goals in its development. Some of the most important aims are conducting the most profound account analysis and delivering as much detailed information as possible. Engaging the online service, your page will be analyzed according to 18 indicators. The data you obtain as the results:

  • The number of liked posts and their content
  • Changed number of followers and their profiles
  • Representation of new comments
  • Deleted comments and unfollowings
  • Browsing stories anonymously
  • Access to the deleted and expired stories
  • Newly added posts
  • Deleted posts
  • Added geotags
  • Update description of the profile
  • Deeply analyzed statics of your own content

The key options to pay attention to

Instagram, that was originally designed to post photos and share visual content, has been transformed to a profitable marketplace. Conducting and promoting business on the platform has gained its popularity because of the ability to track users who interact with the account as well as the inability to get links to the original photos and videos uploaded to the social network.

As much as we would deny it, each of us has ever had the desire to visit a certain person’s profile anonymously so that they don’t know that their Instagram stories have been viewed by you. There can be several reasons for such a desire, but that’s not what’s important here, but the very availability of such a method. We can rejoice those who want to watch Instagram stories anonymously – such a possibility, and not just one, exists. The restrictions and peculiarities that make it difficult to use Instagram freely have a solution – an online service for anonymous viewing of stories

DataJam.prois a high-quality service that keeps you aware of all the events of the person of interest. Absolute anonymity of the user, which allows you to follow the stories, live broadcasts, photos, likes, read comments, and monitoring of followers are waiting for your discoveries.

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