Who are you learning from?

Yes, who are you learning from? This is a question you must ask yourself if you must succeed.

Who are you learning from

In the process of learning any kind of business or marketing strategy, it is pertinent we choose our coaches, teachers, instructors and mentors carefully.

What you grasp from your chosen coach will determine if you will succeed or fail in any business you’re about to start or life generally.

It is no longer news that many inexperienced individuals are on social media selling one business strategy or the other, teaching aspiring entrepreneurs and startups how best to sell their products or market their businesses.

One thing most of these aspiring entrepreneurs fail to seek from these self-made gurus before purchasing ebooks written with their names on them or paying for online courses is; an evidence of the coaches personal performance with strong numbers to prove or real review from previous users.

In his article on how to choose a life coach, Stephan Wiedner stated the importance of choosing a life coach with proper training.

You see, most (not all) of these self-acclaimed industry experts you are learning from have not had the liberty of doing any business or understanding the nitty-gritty of how business works in real life.

They are just misinforming you or relaying good information to you in a twisted form that will jeopardize the success of your new venture.

These folks read some bunch or books, work on their presenting skills, prepare an ebook from articles copied from the web, then move to Facebook or Instagram and sponsor posts on how they can teach you how to make more sales from your business or how best to market your business to get more customers/leads.

The fact they barely know much about the information they are disseminating notwithstanding, there main concern is what they get from you and not the knowledge they are impacting.

Ofcourse; who doesn’t want to make more sales?

You rush to buy the course or pay for the seminar and end up either disappointed you just heard what you already knew that didn’t actually work for your business or learnt a new trick and feeling excited about it only for you to put your new acquired knowledge in practice and got zero return.

Other times, startups end up failing so massively because they completely relied on the strategies these individuals misinformed them with.

This is why you should be applying caution when choosing whom to learn from.

I decided to share this post after studying so many individuals running Facebook Ads promising they have compiled tricks to help businesses grow profit. I found most rarely have done any kind of business while others just bought the materials themselves to resell for profit without actually trying out the principles in the content to ascertain its possibility of generating the said returns.

The horrid part is that some of these scam projects and marketing are sponsored on Facebook making it go viral and reaching dummy entrepreneurs seeking the best way to profit and ending up getting burned.

This is discouraging for some of these young prospective entrepreneurs.

Most Facebook community member whom has also identified some of these scam adverts and promotions has written to Facebook occasionally on this issue.

Facebook cannot be generally blamed because, apart from the fact they generate good revenue from those scam ads, they also have a report scam button on each advert but we fail to use them.

A Facebook user Ciara Jay once asked in the Facebook community thread;

Why is it that you put scam advertisements on your website, I thought Facebook wouldn’t allow scam advertisements to be advertised and I think you should be filtering these things?”

She got lots of feedbacks from other community members mostly concurring with her.

After getting a response from a supposed Facebook admin suggesting that the user should report any scam using the scam button or just block the advertiser, another Facebook user Ken Williams asked;

So if I understand correctly Facebook is taking money from scamming advertisers to show up on my Facebook page, but takes no responsibility to screen these guys, and will only let me block the scammers if I get scammed but still do nothing?”

In all, Social Media Platforms have fewer roles to play on this issue.

So what then should you do?

How you should identify Scam promotions or uninformed teachers.

  1. They have no standing business (Online or Offline) apart from selling you crabs they bought from another quack.
  2. Because they are uninformed, they never share free practical information or personal life experiences with their followers on their timeline.
  3. They never share information with regards to their acclaimed business success other than some photo-shopped images.
  4. They have few dedicated followership. Some of them just buy likes on social media but those likers hardly engage.
  5. They feel uncomfortable when you request in detail real proof showing they actually do similar business.

How to Identify Informed Teachers

  1. They should be industry expert with real proof.
  2. Read real reviews from their former students.
  3. Make sure they also practice what they preach by committing their own time and resource into the project and showing you the result.
  4. They should of course have good social media followership.
  5. Have functional website where you can find live changing resource materials and business tools.
  6. They are not intermittent.

In conclusion, always remember that the success of your business depends largely on your mentor or coach. Choosing the right mentor can to a large extent guarantee success and make the work easy. Read books created by experts in your chosen niche to avoid being misinformed. Create time to attend workshops and seminars organised by those you admire their success stories, most times, they share their success strategy on those platforms.

To your success.

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Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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