8 Inspirational Lyrics from Innocent Idibia (2Baba)

8 Inspirational Lyrics from Innocent Idibia 2baba

From his oldies to his current classics, 2Baba has never failed to inspire and impress his fans with beautiful music. As my best Nigerian artist, I not only enjoy his songs but try to read and understand the message behind every song from the artist.

2Baba has seen the bad and good side of life, some of his lyrics attest to this. There is no better inspiration than that which comes from life experience.

From different scandals and mockery to fame. Many artists just wish to be 2Baba, others idolize him and today, I will be sharing some of the best inspirational lyrics from some of 2Baba’s songs.

Below are 8 Inspirational Lyrics from Innocent Idibia (2Baba) compiled to inspire and motivate my fellow total entrepreneurs.

8 Inspirational Lyrics from Innocent Idibia 2baba

Dance In The Rain

If you believe, you can fly
Then why don’t you try instead of doubting yourself
Living in negative vibes

Take a deep breath and then come alive
There might be so many things you’re missing out of
Try to know it, try to feel it yeah
It’s your life yeah, try to live it yeah

Not A Surprise

You want to make it so bad this year
You’ve got to work very hard this year
And if you try and you fail
Just pick up yourself and try
Again again again

The Best I Can Be

I try to be the best that I can be
No need to force it
I try to understand the best I can
No need to force it.


Oya Come Make We Go

I know people keep on telling me,
There is nothing like a miracle,
If you try,
In this circle of life,
But i am an example,
I know that you can make it in this life
If only you try
Stand up and beat up your chest
Don’t let nobody tell you make you settle for less

No Shakin

I work hard for the money, It is not funny cos I got to say it’s not busy, at all, at all, If I was you, I’ll get busy cos I no go fit afford to get lazy, at all, at all.

Don’t let opportunity pass you by, you get to dey always continue to dey try, you get to try to dey always and mind Because you no want kpai b4 u die, lie lie

There is no film trick involved inside, Reality my brother is the way that we ride, If I tell u say e easy, na setup, So now all you’ve got to do is raise up and get up. For what you believe in, stand up. If it seems that you sleeping, rise up. You’ve got to fight for yourself, before you find yourself by yourself with your hands up. You’ve got to be strong, you’ve got to hold on, You’ve got to keep keeping on, You’ve got to realize say It is all man for himself.


Nfana Ibaga

Today is the first day of the rest of my life
I got to be strong, got to be ready for the strife
I know some people will say something that will cut like a knife
I know some people will say that I might never find a wife
But I’ll do my thing my way oh my brother no be fight
Sometimes I might be wrong sometimes I might be right
But I’ll keep my head straight
And I’ll keep my game tight

8 Inspirational Lyrics from Innocent Idibia 2baba

You no holy pass

No matter how long you live
You cannot learn it all
You go only do your best because you no go fit do all


Nothing Dey Happen

I wake up in the morning, I look up in the rising sun, there is no time to waste cos there is a lot of things that need to be done, and pray to God to give you the wisdom to understand where you come from, and pray to God to give you the strength that you need to proceed, and teach you to believe in yourself, teach you to depend on nobody else, teach you to dey suji yourself, teach you to know that your health is your wealth, teach you to understand that your destiny is in your hands, teach you to dey shine your eye and realize say it is all man for himself.

No slacking, no hocking, keep walking no stopping, no playing keep moving, no shading.

For what you believe in stand up, if it seems that you sleep and rise up, you got to fight for yourself before you find yourself by yourself with your hands up, you got to be strong, you got to hold on, you got to keep keeping on, you got to realize say it is all man for himself.


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