Why are Blacks not Wealthy?

Excerpts from an interview with a Jewish leader about Blacks.

Editors Note: The backwardness of Blacks was and is intentionally created by Blacks. The hatred cultivated in the heart of a Black man towards another Black man is incomprehensible. A Black man rejoices over the failure of another and pained when another succeeds. A Black man prefer ready-made products; instead of being creative to build his and if he does build, his fellow black man refuses to purchase his products. In this interview, a Jewish leader gives his thought on why Blacks are not wealthy and will remain poor and why the Jews are successful and will remain so.

Why are blacks not wealthy?

Image: Jewish Journal

Why are blacks not wealthy?


Why are blacks so behind Economically?


The only thing blacks understand is Consumption. Blacks don’t understand the importance of creating and building wealth. The fundamental rule is to keep your money within your racial group.

We the Jews

  • build Jewish business,
  • hire Jewish,
  • buy Jewish and
  • spend Jewish.

There is nothing wrong with that but it is a basic rule blacks cannot comprehend and follow;

He kills his fellow blacks daily instead of wanting to see his fellow black do succeed.

93% of blacks killed in America are by other blacks.

Their leaders steal from their people and send the money back to their colonial master from whom they borrow the same money from.

Every successful black wants to spend his money in the country of his colonial masters.


  • go on holiday abroad,
  • buy houses abroad,
  • school abroad,
  • go for medical treatment abroad etc;

instead of spending this money in their own country to benefit their people.

Statistics show that the Jew’s money exchanges hands 18 times before leaving his community while for blacks it is probably a maximum of once or even zero.

Only 6% of black money goes back into their community. This is why Jews are at the top and blacks are at the bottom of every ladder of society.

Instead of buying Louis Vuitton, Hermes, expensive cars, shoes, houses, dresses etc, Blacks could industralize Africa, build banks and get rid of colonial institutions by putting them out of business.


What is your thought on failure of blacks after 150yrs?


Well, nothing is ever the blackman’s fault. His compulsive habit of killing his own, compulsive material consumption. His inability to build businesses or preserve wealth are usually somebody else’s fault.


So what can blacks do to liberate themselves


Blacks must take responsibility. Blacks must unite. And vehemently fight corrupt leaders who run down their country and run to IMF as though IMF is Father Christmas. They need to look inwards otherwise they will continuously remain colonized and lose their place in history.

End of Interview.


Great lessons learnt from this interview. For the Black nation to grow, we need to love, we need to start thinking like the Jews, we need re-orientation, we need our mindset changed, we need to start thinking of social entrepreneurship; providing help to others and supporting one another’s business, when you give, either through financial support or moral support you are helping to grow another man who may in-turn be a blessing to you or your unborn children tomorrow.

Some great inventors and richest men whom we idolize wrote their names on gold platter just by providing a free service or invented things that helped humanity.

Another great killer of the Black man is religion. I want to tell you here that if your religion encourage you to kill another man because they do not believe in your religion, flee from such gathering. Only Love, Unity, Peace and lack of selfishness can salvage us from this mess we found ourselves today. Let us therefore come together and make Africa great.


Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Total Entrepreneurs. A Social Entrepreneur and experienced Disaster Manager. He loves researching and discussing business trends and providing startups with valuable insights into running a profitable business. He created TTE to share ideas and tips to help entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses.

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  1. O B says:

    This “Jewish leader” no get name again.

    • Miracle says:

      Question from a typical back man. You read, instead of comprehending what you have read and assimilating the message, you’re concerned about who the Jewish leader is. My dear, forget the messenger and act on the message.

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