A Laptop is Waiting

Yes, a laptop is waiting for you! At Jiji.ng, the widely known and used Nigerian classifieds, which specializes in everything you can think of, there are thousands and even millions of things you can buy.

Actually, it works as a good old fair, but the laws and rules have changed a bit to make it fit in the XXI digital form of market. Too complicated? Then you should probably look at the particular example to fully understand everything we’ve just said.


You need a laptop and you know it is waiting for you somewhere out there in the messy range of offers and choices.

If you think of buying a pre-owned device, open Computers and Laptops category at the above mentioned website. Here you’ll see an impressively (or even unexpectedly) long list of offers.

At the top of the page, there are some tags: models, specifications, colors, and some other; click on those you like and let go what you don’t need. Choose a city to make sure it would be convenient for you to meet a seller in person (which Jiji insists on).

The results can be adjusted as much as it is needed – up to choosing sorting and viewing modes.

The detailed information is provided below every picture, just click on a thing you like and you’ll get it. Along with safety reminders, there are seller’s contacts and users’ feedback. This confirms that you are dealing only with real people.

A laptop is waiting for you come and buy it. And now you know where exactly it is waiting.

Jiji’s Andriod Application helps you access Jiji marketplace from your smart phone at a click. You can buy or sell any item at Jiji.

Jiji makes your shopping easy and safe. Sell cars, shoes, bags, furniture, clothing – anything, really! Simply post a free ad and sell your item in a day or even less! Jiji created a state of the art security system, so you can be ensured of your safety while using Jiji absolutely free!

Here are some testimonials from Jiji App users:

jiji review

jiji review

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