Are You Loquacious?

I was prompted to write on this topic “Are you Loquacious?” after having my morning devotion which had the topic, “TALK LESS! BE WISE!”

Do you talk a lot, do you think you talk a lot or do people complain about noise whenever you are around? Do you think you can only prove yourself to people by talking, talking, and talking? Does your speech irritate your audience?

The Bible said, “A fool’s voice is known by his multitude of words”.

What is Loquacious

When you talk too much with little or no action, you have proved nothing. Have people ever said words like these to you:
Shut up, you talk too much!
Gush, you are talkative!

Or you over-head them telling someone
Hmm, that loquacious being or that talkative.

Note that a wise man talks less and listens more.

The Bible said in Mathew 12:37 “By thy words, thou shall be justified and by thy words, thou shall be condemned”.

Talking too much can land you into trouble or make a fool out of yourself.

It is better to stay silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. Few words with action can make the difference.

Benjamin Franklin said that “The heart of the fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of the wise is in his heart

The Bible also said in Proverb 20:19 “Life and death are in the power of the tongue“.


After all, the wisest mind has something yet to learn. Mend your speech a little, lest you mar your fortunes ~ Shakespeare.

Confucius said that “The superior man acts before he speaks and afterward speak according to his actions”

I have 3 little pieces of advice for The Total Entrepreneurs,

  1. As you talk, put your listeners’ interest at heart, unless you’re saying something you know deserves more than a minute, at the 30-second mark, look for a place to stop. If they need an explanation, let them ask questions. Interacting is a better way of learning or conversing. Don’t be the only one talking.
  2. Is your listener interested in what you are saying? If not, shut up.
  3. Just remember the saying, “ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN VOICE”. If you can show them, it’s better than telling them.

Are You Loquacious

In conclusion, I will want to ask you again, ARE YOU LOQUACIOUS? What have you gained from talking too much? You can reduce the way you talk by thinking before you talk, and being slow to speak. Do not always want to add your voice especially when it is not needed or won’t make any difference. Be an action Entrepreneur. I will have to stop here. I am working on myself too, that’s what makes me a better entrepreneur, ever-learning, ever listening, and slow to speak.

Wishing you the best.

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Dictionary meaning of Loquacious

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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  1. Apostle Massey says:

    This was excellent!! It was just what I needed to hear and to tweak within myself. I want to be relevant but not loquacious!

  2. Valentine says:

    Talk is cheap. I love taking action. Nice post Francis. Love reading your posts

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