Business Opportunity for Big Time Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

If you have huge money and seeking for a business opportunity with good return on investment then read on.

The state of the roads in the South East part of the country is now so terrible, plying the road today and seeing it’s current state, any helicopter servicing company will be viable.

Business Opportunity for Big Time Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

South East Road

The very rich business guys in the east especially those plying the Onitsha – Enugu route will pay you to not only save time but their health, the health of their car.

As I write this piece, not all cars can ply this route and this guys will be willing to pay for such a short journey that now takes 4 hours plus from Enugu to Onitsha.

A Helicopter service company can set up a Bay in-between this towns, convey passengers to and fro the towns (which has a huge passenger turnout daily) and make good revenue.

I don’t think it will take a chopper more than 20 minutes to get to Awka from Enugu and another 10 minutes to Onitsha, now imagine the time it could save a business man, investors, politicians etc.

As I type this piece on my mobile, my body ache, too many corrections and editing cos of the many gullies (sorry, I mean to say potholes) on the road.

The two available roads (the express way and the old road) is so bad. Buses now charge #1000 (Onitsha South) some maybe more or less for a one way ticket.

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