How to Start Investment Today

How to Start Investment Today

Lots of people especially in this age believe that investment is for the rich or educated alone. This is not completely true. Investment is not meant for a particular class of people. The low, middle and high class in the society can invest; what and how much that is invested and the anticipated returns might be the differential case.

I was reading a business magazine and came across an article titled “You can invest”. I was attracted and read through the article. There were some points in that article about investment that triggered my writing this post.

But before we continue, we should first understand in simple term what investment is:
Investment is simply the act of putting money or resources into an activity that yields profit. The ultimate aim of every investment is profit or simply increase in whatever was invested.

How anyone Can Start Investing

No matter the class you belong, you need to start investing now. Start by saving a percentage of all your earnings by choosing not to spend all. When it gets to a certain amount, you can then decide on what to commit the money into so it can yield increase over time. Also investment can also be in form of storage of resources or agricultural produce or anything with value example gold, palm oil, rice, land and any other thing with value. The act of Investing is as old as man and occurs in every level of the society.

Here is an example of a resource investment as cited in the article, “when Palm Oil is in season, some people buy it in large quantities, and store it till it is no longer in season, and it becomes scarce. They then sell it at a higher price. Consequently, they end up with more money than they had before (all things being equal).”

This is investment in Palm Oil trading. Some people invest in other agricultural produce. It is still investment. In some cases, the money is contributed and given to the palm oil trader, who uses the money to do the business and return the money with interest or profit, depending on the agreement.

This principle is the same in all kinds of investment, from share purchasing to fixed deposit, bonds or real estate. The goal remains the same; increasing what you have today by saving and committing the fund/resources into an activity that would generate profit and increase the value of the original capital.

We should note that for one to start investing, one must be disciplined and principled. For one to invest, one must learn to save. The amount to be saved should be exponential. You can start from very little and increase it overtime.

Do not say I have a little income and cannot save out of it, NO, you can save even if you earn N10,000 monthly. Savings is a matter of choice and discipline. There are high earners that still find it difficult to save because of their lifestyle.

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      Please Mr. Emeka, I do not think any genuine online investment company will offer you such a percentage of ROI. So beware of such investment companies and other ponzi schemes that looks too attractive to be true, cos they most likely are not genuine.

      TTE is in no way partnering the company nor recruiting investors for it. Anybody doing business with them is at their own risk.

      Be properly guided.

      Thank you for stopping by.

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