The Four Biggest Challenges of Working Remotely

The Four Biggest Challenges of Working Remotely

The way we work has changed fundamentally. The shift to home working in the last 18 months has had employers and employees re-evaluating how they want to work in the future.

No matter which side of the debate you’re on, there are challenges that face both company and staff. We look at four of the biggest challenges faced when working remotely.



Working from home changes the usual channels of communication for working relationships, opening up entirely new ways of working that were unimaginable even a few years ago.

Collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams and Slack help employees communicate across locations with ease.

However, this does create a challenge. Building relationships and resolving issues quickly can be easily inhibited by virtual communication channels.



Cyber security is vital to the safety of intellectual property and company databases. Having the majority of employees working from home creates challenges for company security.

Data mining and security breaches are still relatively rare but could have damaging impacts on your company if they happen.

Many companies had to invest in insurance during these difficult times. There has been a surge in software developers and IT contractors protecting themselves thanks to insurance dedicated specifically to tech services and solutions.


Mental health

Isolation can be the starting point for many mental health issues, including loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

For people who live by themselves, working from home can exacerbate feelings of isolation and stress and damage their mental wellbeing over time.

To protect your mental health, it is important to cultivate strong social ties with people you trust, even while working from home.

Additionally, working with a therapist or counselor is a good idea to help you work through any stress, anxiety and feelings of loneliness you feel.


Broadband issues

The majority of employees who work from home are often more dedicated and productive than those who go into the office.

But network failures and consistently poor Wi-Fi connections can be extremely challenging for remote workers who want to get on and work.

The added pressure of feeling like your boss is scrutinising you more while you work from home also makes a network outage more stressful.

Upgrading your broadband to a faster and less troubled network could provide some additional peace of mind while you work from home.

As working from home looks like it will be around for a while longer yet, try to understand, face and resolve the challenges to get the most from remote working – whether you’re an employer or employee.

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