8 Fun Ways to Make Money as a Girl

According to statistics, women in Canada earn less than what the men are getting paid even when performing equal duties in the same job. Lee-Anne McFarlane’s shared story, as a career development advisor, depicts gender discrimination sort of with a 31% gap between men’s and women’s salary rates. While you may soon be mailed by NOW or AAUW or other women’s equality groups, I offer great solutions on how to make money as a girl. The money-making ideas for ladies shared below are strictly for ladies alone to keep the hungry wolf males off the meat. Most of them are relaxing, for instance, getting paid to enjoy spa treatments. Then there are those that are a sort of game, like my number one idea below.

Fun Ways to Make Money as a Girl

  1. Getting Paid to lose weight

Intriguing, isn’t it? Well if you’ve got the extra kilos and are ready to shed some of those off you can get paid for it. The thing is, getting a weight loss is easier said than done. But with the right motivation, anything is possible, agreed? Like Kristin W from Indianapolis who got paid $4000 for losing 114.5pounds on Healthy Wage, you could start earning too. This is an interesting way towards personal development and this platform pays you for the fat you burn according to WorkAtHomeWoman. But doesn’t this sound like a one-off thing? Sure it is, but who says you couldn’t get your weight back and get paid for losing it over and over? Not very interesting? Check the next idea.

  1. Getting paid to enjoy Free Spa Treatments

Aha… spa. Imagine sitting back and getting free facials and pedicures. Imagine swimming in infinity pools, eating lightweight foods, and appearing in a fluffy white gown in 6 different spas in the states every single day. Spaseekers, like other spa review sites online employ the help of spa critics and reviewers to test several big names around the world. This is the job you want to take over the holidays if you’re looking to travel some more around the world. The payment for a spa critic is on an average of £500 per review but the job is not all that glitter. Aside the privileges your job becomes writing constructive reviews ready for online and magazine publication. Thinking of how to get started? Start with picking your spas of choice. Read their previous reviews and magazines. See the issues you’d like to pitch for and send your pitches over. Once in you’re in.

  1. Mystery Shopping

Everybody loves shopping. But it seems females have a greater connection with pushing the cart and throwing things in. How about getting paid for shopping? There are several eCommerce stores that pay you in the form of rebates for the things that you buy. Then you are mostly to get paid in other forms such as points that are convertible to cash or products. Whichever you’d love to go for, here are some 7 solid ways to get paid for shopping according to singlemomsincome.

  1. Delivering Packages around the cities

To most people, delivery is meant for car owners. Kicker… you can be a delivery agent with your rusty ol’ bike right now if you love going door to door. These sites will pay you to deliver food, packages, and groceries and you can join for free. The amount you make depends on how much delivery you can make a day. While some of these platforms pay you per delivery others actually pay per hour. Again your vehicle size in the case of pay-per-delivery determines how much you get paid.

  1. Get paid to be a Mermaid

The story of Yasmine created a buzz on the media when she started funding her degrees with the money she got paid being a mermaid. Are you a mermaid and looking to make up to $100 per hour diving deep into waters with a tail? Well, you don’t have to be a mermaid in the real sense. All you need is great swimming skills and the ability to stay underwater for long with no scuba or air support. Like Yasmine, the 22-year-old, you could start funding your education by fulfilling your childhood dream. Your mermaid tail is sponsored and you are likely to receive prior training before taking a job like this one offered by weekiwachee. Meanwhile, there are about 63 jobs for mermaids right now on Indeed.

  1. Sell those Cute Photos

Do you consider yourself a camera person? I mean, do you always strap your adventure camera around your neck wherever you go? Is taking photos of every scenery that comes your way your first nature? If yes, then chances are that you already have a gallery of loads of pictures in your SanDisk ultra memory card. How about trading them off at up to $50 per picture? Check out this list for platforms where to sell your photos and art at great prices.

  1. Make Money off Amazon from Home

If you haven’t heard of all the easy-pizzy ways to make money working with Amazon at zero cost then you want to start now. The list is endless of the things you can do on Amazon to make money. The most known is being an Amazon affiliate marketer. As an Amazon affiliate marketer, you earn a commission selling products for Amazon. Fun thing is you don’t need to see or touch the products. Check this article on how to make money as an Amazon affiliate marketer to jumpstart with. Meanwhile here are some other 15 ways to make money from Amazon.

  1. Take Surveys and Earn as you see a Movie

Taking surveys is not a way to make big money online. But if you’re looking to pile some tiny coins up in the bank by doing almost nothing but answering questions then you don’t want to throw the opportunity that taking a survey offer. See this list for the most legit survey site that truly pays.


Taking a side job isn’t all that bad, especially for a female looking to get more cash in the bank to bridge the 31% gap between female and male earning. I have shared 8 fun ways on how to make money as a girl so far. Which of them would you consider the best and why? I am so much interested in a conversation about this topic. Looking forward to your comment.

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