5 Simple Ways to Discover Your Talents

simple ways to discover your talent

Every man is born with a talent, while some easily discover their talent, pursue it and excel in there endeavours, most leave the surface of earth without fulfilling the purpose of their creation.

Many have gone in pursuit of discovering their talents in so many ways without getting desired answers.

The truth is, discovering your talents could be somewhat difficult and tiring if you’re not looking at the right direction but as simple as looking within your inner desires or just asking that close family member or friend.

In my earliest post on this blog, I shared my thoughts on how man can discover his purpose on earth from biblical perspective citing the 6 Ps of Purpose system and the Virtues of purpose.

Today, I will be sharing with you the 5 simple ways to discover your talent and start living your dream.

I am going to make this post as simple as the topic sound and straightforward.

These answers to your long term quest to discovering your talent might look pretty simple but has proven to be the best places to look in search of your talent.

Read, reflect, take action and explode.

Here are the 5 Simple areas to look when in pursuit of your God given talent.

1. Listen to others

Those around you usually know what your talents are. They can tell you what your talents are or give you an idea of what you love to do during casual conversations without asking them. They tell you what you’re good at. Have you ever heard them saying, let’s talk to Francis; he can do this without stress. Have you also heard the saying, let us study him/her? Yes, you can actually study an individual to discover their hidden talents and capabilities. So it’s important you listen to them.

2. Determine what is easy

If you have things you find super easy doing, you need to urgently look into those areas. Yes, you heard me right. That you can easily draft a catchy sales email, write a compelling article, talk to people about their relationship on how to make it work, convince a customer to buy a product, dribble your peers in a football field, make people laugh out their asses when you talk without sweating about it, then you are closer to finding your talent.

That you could do that thing with ease doesn’t mean it’s easy for others. Remember that. ~ Francis Nwokike

3. What you enjoy most

What are those things you seem to not getting enough of? Look into those areas too. Those tangible things you do most during your free periods apart from playing Candy Crush or Ludo King online (lol, those are the online games I play apart from my number one board game, scrabble). Do you reflect on your environment, gets emotional and writing short posts on social media on how your environment can be better? Do you go out during your free periods to help the helpless or to fight for those that are marginalised? Maybe you’re the next Nelson Mandela or Mary Slessor. Maybe your voice is what your society need for that change to happen.

Do you enjoy cracking jokes during chats with friends or in a family gathering? Have you ever been told?

Hey Kings, you’re  a very funny dude, why are you wasting your time with that organisation; you should be on the stage making people laugh.

Hey Miracle, you can bake like hell, could you please bake for my birthday tomorrow? And you reply with joy, why not, I love baking and love seeing people cut my cake on their special day, it gives me joy, just get me floor, milk and sugar and I will do it within an hour, I have every other ingredients.

4. Specific Subjects you love

You could be an educationist, Professor in the making. You love Chemistry so much, when you got little time; you are drawing patterns, reading up new thesis, challenging new research and coming up with yours, discussing about Chemistry and latest elements discovered, not happy to hear someone failed chemistry and ready to offer to teach anyone chemistry for free just to make sure s/he passes his next exam, then you could be a teacher in the making.

My friend Okon Joseph once asked on his Facebook wall, “If readers are leaders, what are writers?” And I answered him, “writers are builders”.

I also think that teachers are builders. They build and shape the destinies of their students.

5. Just ask

Ask anyone you know that knows you very well, maybe a friend or family member what they think you can do best. Your talents could be hidden within there assertions. They know you very well and know what you’re capable of.

Ask them to ignore your negative sides and tell you the positive areas you are impacting their lives.

It could be that you offer them the best advice in times of crises or that you have a way of making things that are hard to look very easy. It could also be that they enjoying seeing your casual paintings, designs or love reading your social posts on social media. It could be just about anything but because someone somewhere love that thing about you is a sign you are inching closer to discovering your talent.

Remember, the most important person to ask about your talent apart from your close friends and family members is your maker, God. He made you and can tell you why he made you.

Go and fulfill destiny.

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This post was shared out of my burning desire to see you achieve greatness in your chosen niche and I would love to get feedback from you. So share your thoughts and comments below and I will definitely reply.


Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Total Entrepreneurs. A Social Entrepreneur and experienced Disaster Manager. He loves researching and discussing business trends and providing startups with valuable insights into running a profitable business. He created TTE to share ideas and tips to help entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses.

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