5 Ways to Make Your Office More Productive

Making sure your office runs smoothly and efficiently is at the forefront of every business owner or manager’s mind. Having a productive workspace is at the heart of every successful business. Make sure that yours lives up to these standards by ensuring your office follows these tips. Your employees and your business will thank you later.


  1. Choose the Right Physical Layout

Some people might tell you that the physical layout isn’t important, but take it from an office worker – it does. Your surroundings influence productivity and employee satisfaction so choose carefully when you’re planning a redesign. Your office space should have a workable flow, from the fridges to the duplex scanners, make sure everything has a place and everything is in its place. Each layout will have its own set of pros and cons so be sure to choose wisely. For example, the open-plan layout is great for brainstorming sessions and encourages workplace collaboration but it can also be noisy and distracting.


  1. Add Plants

Plants are excellent at improving air quality because they remove harmful pollutants, indoor plants also stabilize the humidity levels in a room, and all in all are a great addition to any space but especially to a workspace. Plants have been proven to boost productivity in the office by being one of the best mood boosters around. Let your creative streak run wild – plants aren’t just for pots on the floor anymore! I highly recommend you create a plant wall, this will save space by using unused wall space instead of valuable floor space.


  1. Create A Knowledge Base

5 Ways to Make Your Office More Productive

Multiple studies have shown that employees waste so much time asking questions, which wastes the time of the person asking as well as the time of the person who now must take the time to answer that question. Create a more productive workspace by developing a knowledge base for your employees, this will help your employees access important information as well as resolve problems. Encourage your employees to troubleshoot their problems on their own by providing them with a central location of how-to guides and frequently asked questions.


  1. Embrace Natural Light

Employees with exposure to natural light are far more likely to happily work a full day. There is a scientific connection between natural light, Vitamin D, and productive employees so make sure you are on the right side of that relationship. Vitamin D has been known to fight depression, chronic pain and even lower the risk of developing diseases like diabetes. Happy employees are productive employees.


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  1. Upgrade Office Equipment

Having old, outdated office equipment is a sure-fire way to destroy the productivity in your office. Old equipment slows down everything and everyone and it can be massively frustrating for your employees. You should upgrade your office equipment every few years, especially printers, webcams, and computers. The smaller items like mice, headsets, and telephones can be replaced on an as and when basis.

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