The Top 5 Most Unique Communities in Dubai

Dubai is often called “the city of future”: there are many cutting-edge communities, and some of them are under construction now. All these communities are unique and have something very peculiar to attract residents and investors.

Here we’ll tell you some facts about the most unique communities:

  • Emaar Beachfront
  • Sustainable City
  • Internet City
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • The World

1. Emaar Beachfront Community

Emaar Beachfront Community

Currently, there is great excitement for this community: many people strive to buy apartments in Emaar Beachfront, Dubai. For example, apartments in one of the towers were sold out during 48 hours after the launch. So why is this community so unique and really sought-after?

First of all, this is a brand-new area with very favourable location: this is a peninsula between Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. The area features two splendid white-sand beaches, one facing the marina with yachts, and the other facing Dubai skyline with Burj Khalifa and other iconic sights.

Secondly, is that it is a very private and safe community: it is a gated area with only one entrance. But there will be no heavy traffic, unlike Dubai Marina, because the entrance road is a 6-lane highway surrounded with a seaside walk, numerous stores, cafes, and restaurants. If a person purchases an apartment in Emaar Beachfront, he/she also purchase privacy: private beaches, parks, shops, a mall, cafes, and other amenities to which no strangers can get. All the infrastructure of this gated community is meant for residents and their guests only.

Thirdly, this area is sometimes called “the new Dubai Marina”: here there will be the largest marine Dubai Harbour area, including the largest cruise terminal in the city, and the world-highest high-tech lighthouse clad with special panels which let light and laser shows to be performed. This lighthouse features a 360-degree viewing platform at the height of 350 meters and is home to a luxury 5-star hotel.

2. Sustainable City

Sustainable City

This is one of the most environment-oriented communities in Dubai. Here the 3 main conceptions are implemented: sustainability, comfortable and healthy life for residents, and eco-friendly environment.

The community includes villas and mansions and a public zone with all amenities: healthcare centers, cafes and restaurants, school and nurseries, a hotel, and a stable for 60 horses. There are lakes with birds and fish, swimming pools, sports complexes, and an innovation center. In the center of Sustainable City, there are low-rise buildings with studios, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments, and offices.

Sustainable City aims to be a zero-energy-consuming area, so there are a lot of solar panels scattered across the territory. These panels are installed on roofs and on parking lots where they additional give shade. The community has a lot of vehicle charging stations spotted across, so people are encouraged to use electro cars. But the community area is vehicle-free, all the vehicles are left on the outside parking lots. Inside the community, you can walk, ride a bicycle or use a buggy (the residents use all the infrastructure items free of charge).

All the wastewater are collected, cleaned, and re-used here.

There are urban farms in the community, and the residents wish to have eco-food, most of which is grown within the area’s borders.

3. Dubai Internet City

Dubai Internet City

Dubai means not just beaches, skyscrapers, and shopping malls. Dubai is also a large business center and hub. And Dubai Internet City is one of the most well-known free zone for high-technology and IT businesses and start-ups. This is a dedicated space for high-tech companies with all necessary well-developed infrastructure and special economic and tax conditions to develop. Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, MasterCard, Canon, Kaspersky – all of them have offices in Internet City. This community is perfect for business networking.

There is a special hub in Internet City where IT, design, or media start-ups come to present their projects and look for investors. There, they get support and numerous opportunities.

In this community, there are residential apartments for people who want to live near their working space and not lose time commuting. It is possible to buy or rent an apartment just a few steps away from your office.

4. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is one of the most famous iconic locations in Dubai: numerous Dubai photos include the island’s bird-eye views. It is so widely known that can be called the symbol of Dubai.

This is an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree. First, there were luxury villas and mansions only, but later Palm Tower offering high-end apartments was constructed. Some Palm Jumeirah residents describe their lifestyle as “living in Miami with a portal to New York”: this is because the vibrant Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai are just a 10 to 15-minute ride away.

All Palm Jumeirah properties have access to waterfront with white-sand beaches and majestic sea views or city views.

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5. The World Archipelago

The World Archipelago

This is an artificial archipelago where not just villas can be purchased, but entire islands. This is an archipelago of 300 islands shaped into different countries of the world. This collection of islands is located close to the iconic Palm Jumeirah. 

For example, Madonna purchased an island here to ensure the most possible privacy. The islands are created with privacy and exclusivity in mind, and the infrastructure is well-thought-out to make the residents’ living most convenient, allowing to relax and enjoy their time. 

There are cutting-edge villas and mansions on the islands: there is a villa with underwater room where the residents can view sea wildlife among artificially grown coral reefs. And there is a villa with a snow room, where the temperature of -5 is maintained and one can come and get some cold, snow, and ice among the eternal Dubai summer.

If you purchase an island here, you can architect your every desire on it. 

Choosing a Property in Dubai

Dubai offers numerous investment opportunities right now. Even if you purchase a villa or an apartment to live in, this will also become an investment as the real estate prices are continuously growing. Dubai is the city of future, offering unprecedented opportunities for living, business, education, and entertainment in a multi-national environment. The wildest dreams can come to reality here.

You can start looking for your dream home or an investment property right now. If you have any questions regarding real estate, Ax Capital experts are always there to help:

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