The EURO 2016 has come and gone with a surprise winner taking the trophy. From the beginning till the final, it was never rosy for the portugese team.

The recent tournament has some lessons I will be sharing with you.

These tips were created by Beta Motive and behind it are some business lessons for every entrepreneur and business person.

So without wasting your time, below are the 10 Business Lessons one can deduce from Portugal victory at the just concluded EURO 2016.


1. Portugal is not a one-man team.

Lesson: Let people hold an opinion of you. You know what and who you are and what you can do under immense pressure. All you need is an opportunity to show it.

2. Portugal’s attack was blunted, but they did not concede a goal.

Lesson: It is not how much money you make; it is how much is saved. If you are not making money, don’t lose money.

3. 85% of the spectators cheered France.

Lesson: Crowd support is overrated. You are your greatest and best cheerleader.

4. Portugal held the ball in their half and made quick passes in France’s half.

Lesson: Victory/success is planned. A team hardly happens on success.

5. Ronaldo injury made France look better.

Lesson: Don’t eliminate your best competitor. Your competitor keeps you on your toes. If your competition is weak, good will be your better and better will be your best.

6. The odds were against Portugal.

Lesson: Don’t pay attention to the media and bookmakers. Give yourself a chance.

7. Despite his injury, Ronaldo played on the sidelines.

Lesson: Sometimes, inconvenience is secondary consideration. When you smell blood, do the overkill with just one painful thrust.

8. France was arguably better than Portugal on the night.

Lesson: You are better than you think. You don’t have to be an Einstein to succeed. Determination could be everything.

9. Portugal made a celebration T-shirt before the game started.

Lesson: Believe success is possible. Plan your celebration dance.

10. Portugal did not play with Ronaldo.

Lesson: You don’t always need a star to be successful. Give your team members responsibility.

I am sure you have learnt something new from these tips, kindly share with The Total Entrepreneurs any other important business lessons that can be surmised from Portugal’s victory.

Points & Image: Beta Motive

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  1. Abuku Orode says:

    Wow… These are truly business lessons to learn.

    Nice Write up, really enjoyed it.

  2. Miracle says:

    Nice tips. Very educating and inspiring business wise. Thanks for sharing.

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