Nigeria Launches NYENET.COM: What NYENET is all about?



The Federal Government of Nigeria has launched,, an entrepreneurship platform that serves as a strategic part of the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy (YES).

This platform was designed to provide disadvantaged young people (male and female) in the society a direct link to entrepreneurship and empowerment programs supported by sponsors such as the Federal, State, and Local Governments as well as sponsors from the private sector.

NYENET which means Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurship Network is a public-private partnership program designed in collaboration with Anabel Group Inc, the promoters of Empower Nigeria, an initiative designed to offer training support and capital sources to get young people started in businesses.

During the launching of the platform alongside YES, President Goodluck Jonathan stated that “The one-stop portal will enhance the government’s ability to reach out to the young. It will give young entrepreneurs opportunities for both training and funding for entrepreneurial ideas.”

The program is managed by the President and Chief Executive Officer of Anabel Group Inc, Nicholas Okoye.

NYENET.COM assists its entrepreneurial members with the ability to ‘apply online’ while they are on the site for any entrepreneurship or empowerment program offered by any of the Federal, State, or Local Governments or Private Companies and Foundations according to the site.

NYENET will proffer support for the Youth Entrepreneur as well as provide the most important elements a young man or woman needs to be successful in business.


NYENET also provides direct mentorship for young entrepreneurs through some super mentors across Nigeria who have indicated interest to provide financial support, intellectual support, and entrepreneurship guidance to Youths and Women that are members of NYENET. These super mentors most times will indicate specific parts of the country such as a particular State, Local Government area, or even a particular village and then NYENET will fill up the Mentor’s capacity with youths or women from that chosen area. All members of NYENET are eligible to get support from this Coalition of Super Mentors.


  • Participate in online chats with other Entrepreneurs from all over the country.
  • Share experiences and learn from common challenges.
  • Benefit from group discounts, business skills continuing education programs, and networking.
  • Access to Super Mentors who might also dole out grants if you impress them.
  • Access to funding from a multitude of sources which include Federal Government promoted sources and managed Funds, State Governments, Private Institutions as well as private international foundations.

I, therefore, urge young entrepreneurs to register at and also sign up to their newsletter so as to keep up with evolving ideas and opportunities from the website.

Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Total Entrepreneurs. A Social Entrepreneur and experienced Disaster Manager. He loves researching and discussing business trends and providing startups with valuable insights into running a profitable business. He created TTE to share ideas and tips to help entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses.

6 Responses

  1. Prince wole iKUOMOLA says:


  2. Michael N Umeh says:

    You are doing a great work for the Nigerian Youth. Please step up the good job.

  3. victor eigbiremon says:

    im so elated discovering this great platform that can shape nigeria economy reduce unemployment and poverty rate. It will be nice to know how i can be a benefactor of this life changing opportunity as im self employed major in P.O.P interior and exterior designs

    • Thank you Victor for the compliments.

      Making P.O.P and exterior decorations are very good and profitable businesses.

      In other to source fund either for expansion or just to sustain your business, you are required to first register with NYENET but it does not end there, you must have a good business plan that is workable as well as bankable.

      This will help you to easily attract investors to your business if you have a nice concept that is at least still rare in the market. Also, through nyenet, you can register for YouWin program also sponsored by Nigeria Federal Government or other SME programs sponsored by CBN in partnership with SMEDAN and other entrepreneurs like the Tony Elumelu Foundation.

      Use the links above to register as a nyenet member and I will advise you subscribe to their newsletter using your email so you can be getting up to date information from them. You should also subscribe to this blog for up to date information on schemes like this and other related information for your kind.


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