Jobs Foundation Launched in Anambra – SAB Miller Hero’s Foundation

SAB Miller Hero’s Foundation

SAB Miller Hero's Foundation

Mr. Lukas Van Deventer

A foundation to help youths find jobs has been launched in Anambra state. The platform named SAB Miller Hero’s Foundation, will train youths and help them acquire entrepreneurial skills, according to Mr. Lukas Van Deventer, General Manager, Sab Miller, South Africa’s brewery giant and majority shareholder of Intafact Beverages Limited, which launched the foundation.

Deventer who briefed reporters at the company’s office at Bridge Head, the states commercial city, said the foundation aimed at empowering youths in the Southeast as well as South-South adding that it has already taken off in Ilesa, Osun State.

“The kick-start programme is aimed at creating and developing a culture of entrepreneurship among our young people by promoting business skills, managerial awareness and material support” he said.

“The major objective of this programme is to ensure that the teeming youth in the Southeast realise their entrepreneurial dreams and help the region further reduce undergraduate unemployment, by engaging them meaningfully through this entrepreneurship programme that will help nurture and encourage them to bring their dream and business aspirations to life.”

“To this end, we have established a foundation, the SAB Miller Hero’s Foundation, to pursue this singular objective. More than any other initiative, we are investing in the future of our region by helping to build a prosperous young society, and this programme is the hallmark of our Corprate Social Responsibilty (CSI) objectives to the area in which we operate”.

If you are currently unemployed and of importance, does not have any skill that can earn you money and you are living in Anambra and its environs, TTE advise you visit the SAB Miller’s Company office at Bridge head, Onitsha for further enquiries on how to participate in this programme. No knowledge or skill acquired is a waste.

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