Stop Chasing Money, Do This Instead

Stop Chasing Money, Do This Instead

The mistake most people make in the pursuit of success is chasing money. This makes sense because it seems like the ideal thing to do when you are experiencing lack. But this philosophy explains why majority of the world is broke, they are literally saying they don’t have enough and so therefore, they DON’T have enough.

It’s like chasing a butterfly. It would always elude you. You have to grow your inner capacity as a person, and the income that you are worth would be ATTRACTED to you. There needs to be a foundation set, because if you make it too fast, you’re not ready for it, and you can lose it just as fast if not quicker.

Listen, the money that you have always rises or falls to your level of inner capacity. Give a poor man $1 million today, and sooner or later, that money would drop to the level of his inner capacity. It’s usually just a matter of time. I’m sure you’ve noticed this with lottery winners, 70% end up filing for bankruptcy or the Sport betting guys that spend up their winnings in frivolities!

So, you have to focus on the right things. Focus on yourself, invest in yourself. That’s where all the magic happens that’s what has the biggest effect on your income. Not your parents, not your background, not the economy….. You.

In building capacity, here’s a simple formula that if you consistently follow, your inner capacity would definitely grow.

Learn + Do = Become.

Consistently Learn: The information is out there, we’re in the information age; you just have to seek it. And then, consistently take action one at a time. Over time, you will become the sort of person that attracts the income that you want.

In applying this formula, just know that you will fail multiple times along the way. It is inevitable. But it is worth it. It is worth it to not have your life controlled by external factors because sincerely, for things to change, you have to change.


Money is like a shadow, when you try catching it, you can’t, but when you move forward, it follow you. In other words, stop chasing money, be creative, start adding value and money will start pursuing you.

By Jason Zeager edited by Francis Nwokike

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