Understanding How EcoATM Works

Folks have probably heard of electronic devices and media recycling, often in the form of redirected waste management, given how much electronics have become garbage due to cyclical obsolescence. As we race to obtain faster and better tech, we’ve all created a wave of leftover devices and materials behind us with each upgrade and change.

What is EcoATM?

Understanding How EcoATM Works

However, the ability to liquidate that old tech into ready cash that can be reused for new purposes is another matter. Granted, simply selling the devices online like a garage sale has been available for a long time, but the channel doesn’t work well for many because they are selling to their own market. If everyone is trying to upgrade to Apple iPhone 10, why would anyone locally buy an old Apple iPhone 4?

However, there are plenty of other markets worldwide that can use these devices just fine, and there is a ready demand for them. EcoATM via a convenient kiosk makes it possible for people to connect to these markets by selling their devices for real cash. EcoATM then evaluates the worth, buys the device on the spot, and the collections are routed through the business to secondary markets who pay for them in turn to reuse the equipment. The answer to what is ecoATM is simply what are we willing to do about our old devices versus throwing them away.

What Works for Selling?

Generally, mobile devices like cellphones and tablets are the primary equipment categories to consider. They are individual devices, work within themselves when connected to a network, and generally have the power of a desktop computer for most functions one needs (communication, writing, email, etc.). EcoATM does not take appliances, PC peripherals, or leftover PC parts.


To find out if there are ecoATMs near me, it’s a simple Internet search. Spread out nationally, ecoATMs are quickly becoming a common sight in major traffic locations like big chain grocery stores and similar. The convenience makes transitioning off of old tech and into new devices seamless as people’s old equipment avoids landfills and waste and finds a new use elsewhere, thanks to the ecoATM solution.

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