Ways To Luxe Up Your Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Faux fur throws have been all the rage lately, and they make the perfect addition to any room. They’re soft, they’re warm, and they’re affordable – what more could you want? Here are ways to luxe up your faux fur throw blanket even more than it already is!

Ways To Luxe Up Your Faux Fur Throw Blanket

1) Find the right spot

It’s important to think about where you want your faux fur throw blanket. If you plan on using it as a decorative piece or just want something soft for your guests, put it in your home office or next to your couch for a few minutes of relaxation. If you want something warm and snuggly for cold winter nights, put it in your bed. The location of your faux fur throw blanket is key when figuring out what kind of blanket will best suit you.

2) Get the right pillow

The number of pillows you use determines how luxurious your faux fur throw blanket will feel. Make sure you buy a pillow that is firm enough to support your neck but soft enough for comfort and ease during sleep. Also, make sure it’s no thicker than 3 inches; otherwise, it may not properly fit in your faux fur throw blanket, which could potentially result in damage.

3) Stay warm with layers

While blankets are fantastic for keeping you warm, they often lack adequate padding. This can lead to cold spots, especially if you tend to toss and turn throughout the night. If your faux fur throw blanket is lacking in warmth, consider piling it on top of a few layers of pillows—this will provide extra padding while keeping you nice and comfy. Just make sure that any pillow over 10 inches thick isn’t too much for your bed frame!

4) Clean it correctly

The first thing you should do is clean your faux fur throw blanket in cold water. This is because most of these blankets are made from acrylic fibers and can shrink if they’re washed in hot water. If your blanket doesn’t come with care instructions, put it in a washing machine on cold with a gentle detergent and tumble dry on low heat.

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5) Keep it in good condition

The key to making faux fur throw blankets last is to keep them in good condition. Keep in mind that these are not very easy items to clean, so you’ll need a proper cleaning kit. Be sure to check out all of your faux fur blanket’s care instructions before starting any kind of washing or maintenance routine. If you have more questions about taking care of your pet bed, feel free to reach out and ask!

6) Make it match your decor

The easiest way to make your faux fur throw look even more luxe is by matching it with your existing furniture. Upholstery fabric is a great option for turning a large, plain fur blanket into something that looks intentional and expensive. Another way to match it with your room decor is through texture: different faux-fur blankets have different levels of softness, so if you have a large, cozy couch, you can purchase one of these high-pile blankets that are super plush and feel amazing against your skin.

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